Top 10 Richest WWE Wrestlers in the World 2021

Most of us love watching WWE, but Do you Know Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World 2021 (WWE)? Who is the richest wrestler of all time? Now you will get to know about it. Comment down your favorite wrestler of WWE. We have researched and compiled the richest Wrestlers of all time based on their overall net worth. Their Net worth is not only generated from Wrestling, but also from various sources like Brand endorsementsbrand owner, some are actors, some are national football players, and so on…

Let’s take a look at these Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World 2021.

10. Randy Orton

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Real Name — Randal Keith Orton

Randy Orton Net Worth — $11 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — April 1, 1980

Randy Orton is a strong American professional wrestler and actor.Currently, he is signed to WWE for performing in Brand. His grandfather Bob Orton, father Bob Orton Jr. and Uncle Barry Orton, all were professional wrestlers, so Randy Orton becomes the third-generation wrestler. Randy Orton is famous for his finishing move “The RKO”.

Orton became the youngest wrestler at the age of 24 to won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from a Canadian professional wrestler Chris Benoit. Randy Orton has held 9 times the WWE Championship, and four times the World Heavyweight Championship. He was the final holder of the World Heavyweight Championship which he unified from defeating John Cena at TLC(Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match in 2013.

What makes Randy Orton so Rich?

Most of Randy Orton’s income is generated from his WWE salary. He gets approximately $1.1 million on yearly basis, but including the PPV sales, merchandise sales, and royalty bonuses, he charges approximately $2.7million to the WWE

9. Batista

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Real Name — David Michael Bautista Jr.

Batista Net Worth — $13 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — January 18, 1969

David Michael Bautista Jr. is a bodybuilder, retired professional WWE wrestler, an American actor and mixed martial artist. Batista started his wrestling career in 1999 by signing with (World Wrestling Federation) and after WWE in 2000.

What makes Dave Bautista so Rich?

8. The Undertaker

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Real Name — Mark William Calaway

Undertaker Net Worth — $17 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — March 24, 1965

Mark William Calaway is an American professional wrestler. Currently, he is signed with WWE. He is popular with his ring name “The Undertaker”. Undertaker is one of the strongest and greatest wrestlers of all time. The Undertaker started his career as a wrestler but by working as gimmicks for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW)

Calaway is the seven-time World Heavyweight Champion in WWE and also USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion and WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champion. He joined WWE in 1990, after joining with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1989

7. Big Show — $20 million

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Real Name — Paul Donald Wight II

Big Show Net Worth — $20 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — February 8, 1972

is a strong and huge American professional wrestler and actor. Currently, he is signed with WWE, for performing on the RAW brand. Big Show began his career in 1995 by signing World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Afterward in 1999, he signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

6. Hulk Hogan

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Real Name — Terry Eugene Bollea

Hulk Hogan Net Worth — $25 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — August 11, 1953

Terry Eugene Bollea (Hulk Hogan) is an American Professional Wrestler, entrepreneur, television personality, former musician, and a current actor.He is the most popular star and wrestler of the 1980s worldwide. Hogan began his professional career in 1977, and afterward, he signed with World Wrestling Federation in 1983.

Hogan has headlined the first nine editions of WWF’s flagship annual event, WrestleMania. He also won five times the WWF Championship. He became the first wrestler to win consecutive Royal Rumble matches, winning in 1990 and 1991.

What makes “Hulk Hogan” so Rich?

Most of his income is generated from WWE as he was a professional wrestler. Hulk Hogan also has his own restaurant “Pastamania”. He has also done endorsements like a blender known as Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer and afterward a grill known as “The Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill”. He has also introduced his own energy drink called Hogan Energy in 2006. These all contribute to his Net Worth

Hulk Hogan has worked in many famous movies like Rocky III, Bimini Code, No Holds Barred, and many more which contributes to his net worth

5. Brock Lesnar

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Real Name — Brock Edward Lesnar

Brock Lesnar Net Worth — $25 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — July 12, 1977

Brock Edward Lesnar is a strong American professional wrestler, and professional footballer along with that he is also a former mixed martial artist.Currently, he is signed with WWE, for performing on the RAW brand. He is referred to as eight-time World Champion

Lesnar is the youngest champion at the age of 25 after his five months of the debut. After his match with at WrestleMania XX, he left WWE and entered in NFL (National Football League) to pursue a career. Afterward, in 2005, he returned to his wrestling and signed with NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling). In 2012, Brock Lesnar rejoined WWE after an 8-year gap.

What makes “Brock Lesnar” so Rich?

Brock Lesnar has earned an estimated $12million from his salary of WWE as a professional wrestler, which contributed most to his net worth. Also, he has earned much in martial arts and football career, which also contributes to his net worth. Also, he has made money from various ways like film, television, magazine shoots, and from brand endorsements

4. Triple H

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Real Name — Paul Michael Levesque

Triple H Net Worth — $40 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — July 27, 1969

Paul Michael Levesque (or Triple H) is a professional wrestler, business executive, and actor in America. Currently, he is Executive Vice President of GTS (Global Talent Strategy) and Development for WWE. He is the founder and senior producer of a television program

What makes “Triple H” so Rich?

Triple H made money from WWE as a professional wrestler as his salary was $1million per year. Now WWE pays him approximately $3.2 Million per year as he is Executive Vice President of GTS and Development of WWE. He married Stephanie McMahon, which made him join the family that owns WWE. These things contributed to his Net Worth, making him 4th in our list Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World 2021.

3. Stone Cold

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Real Name — Steven James Williams

Stone Cold Net Worth — $45 million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — December 18, 1964

Steve Austin is a retired professional wrestler, an actor, producer, podcast host, and television. Steve Austin started his career in 1994 by signing with WCW(World Championship Wrestling). Afterward, he signed with ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) in 1995, later he signed with WWE (World Wrestling Federation).

Stone Cold is a six-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion, while a two-time Intercontinental Champion, along with four-time WWF Tag Team Champion which makes him the fifth Triple Crown Champion in WWE history, while one-time WCW World Tag Team Champion, along with one-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, and a one-time Million Dollar Champion.

What makes “Stone Cold” so Rich?

Massive salary from his net worth is generated from WWE from PPV (Pay-per-view) and also of merchandise sales. He started his career by making $40 per match.

2. John Cena

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Real Name — John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.

John CenaNet Worth — $55million

Nationality — American

Date Of Birth — April 23, 1977

John Cena is an American great actor, professional wrestler, and rapper. He starred in various films and he has currently signed with WWE as a part-time deal. He is currently host on Nickelodeon.

John Cena moved to California for Bodybuilding as a career in 1998 and then afterward in 1999 he started his professional wrestling and signed with UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling). In 2001, he signed with WWE (World Wrestling Federation). He also gained recognition as a trash-talking rapper in WWE. He is the holder of five-time United States Champion, along with four-time world tag team champion, and a 16-time world champion. John Cena’s girlfriend is Shay Shariatzadeh.

What makes “John Cena” so Rich?

John Cena has a net worth of $55 million, as he is of age 43. He has achieved success because of very much hard work and dedication towards life. He took a salary of $8.5 million as of 2018. Also, he has done many movies and endorsements. Recently, he will see in Fast and Furious 9 Release — April 2, 2021 (United States) as a villain.

1. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

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Real Name — Dwayne Douglas Johnson

The Rock Net Worth — $350 million

Nationality — American& Canadian

Date Of Birth — May 2, 1972

Dwayne Johnson is a retired professional wrestler, an America-Canadian actor, producer, former American football player, and businessman. Before coming into acting, he was a wrestler for WWE (World Wrestling Federation) for 4 years.

In 1996, Dwayne Johnson signed a contract with WWF and as he was the son of Rocky Johnson and grandson of Peter Maivia, he was the first third-generation wrestler in the history of the company. He won his first WWF Championship in 1998. Afterward, he was the holder of wining two-time Intercontinental Champion, along with a five-time tag team champion, while a 10-time world champion. He also became a Royal Rumble match winner and sixth Triple Crown champion of WWE (World Wrestling Federation).

What makes “The Rock” so Rich?

Dwayne Johnson earned a total of $65 million in his overall career as a professional wrestler. The Rock teamed up with Under Armour as global sponsorship, from which he created a line of footwear and other apparel. Dwayne Johnson named his production company as Seven Bucks for a reason that when he entered his career he has only $7 in his pocket.

Dwayne Johnson took an ownership stake in Voss Water, which made him the first celebrity owner of Voss Water. Voss is a Norway water brand. He became the top Hollywood actor, making money through films. He has done a leading role in Blockbuster films Fast & Furious Series.These are major sources that contributed most to his net worth.

These are the Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World 2021