Top 10 Best Paying Companies in Kenya – (2018 Update)

Top 10 Best Paying Companies in Kenya 2018 Update

Here is a post which is going to give you the top 10 paying jobs in Kenya this year 2018. Many young Kenyans who have just completed their tertiary education are in search of the best jobs in the country, well, this post is set to help you on just that.

Being a professional encompasses so many things, yes, you need to have passion and love your profession, you also sure need to get the value of your work. It won’t make any bit of sense to give your all to a multinational company, and end up with peanuts at the end of the month, this is why it is important you work for organisations that pay well.

There are so many companies in Kenya that pays their staffs really well, and sure you will love to work for them.

This Fabinfos list contains top Kenyan companies, NGOs, government institutions, audit firms, insurance companies as well as banks that regularly employ Kenyans, and more importantly, pay them well.

Checkout the list below;

List of the top 10 highest paying companies in Kenya 2018

So as to help you in your job search, we are not just going to give you the list of the top 10 best paying companies in Kenya today, but also going to give you a link to their websites, so you can read more about them and know how to apply. Here we go…

  1. United Nations: Jobs vacancy website –
  2. KRA: Jobs vacancy website –
  3. Deloitte: Jobs vacancy website –
  4. PWC: Jobs vacancy website –
  5. KPMG: Jobs vacancy website –
  6. OLD MUTUAL: Jobs vacancy website –
  7. KEMRI Wellcome Trust: Jobs vacancy website –
  8. CARE Kenya: Jobs vacancy website –
  9. Kenya Airways: Jobs vacancy website –
  10. Safaricom: Jobs vacancy website –

There you have it on this post “Top 10 Best Paying Companies in Kenya -(2018 Update).” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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