Top 10 Best and Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria 2018 (Companies you need to work for)

Top 10 Best Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria 2018 Update

Here is a post which is going to give you the top 10 best and highest paying companies in Nigeria this year 2018. This post is set to help you know more about the top companies in the country.

Many bright Nigerian youths will like to know the top paying companies and organisations in the country, so as to get good pay for their work.

Yes, you have passed through Primary, Secondary and University education, its now high time for you to start making the cash, and am sure you want to make it pretty big. So you in search of some of the best companies to work for in Nigeria, checkout this Fabinfos compilation.

We at Fabinfos compiled this list of the top 10 best and highest paying companies in Nigeria for the year 2018 so after a careful research, though we cannot be perfect, so you can help us improve this post, by dropping your suggestions via the comment box below.

Let’s go straight into this list.

List of the Top 10 Best/Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2018

Please Note: This list has not been arranged in any particular order, as it is hard to ascertain who is really the best among this highest paying companies, based on different ranking structures.


As a young Nigerian youth, am sure you pretty aware of how lucrative the oil industry is in thus company. So its no surprise that Chevron makes it to this list.

Chevron is an oil & gas company and is one of the most popular in the country today. It falls among the most profitable oil companies in Nigeria, not just for the company owners, but also for their employees. However, it is not easy to get job with this company. But if you believe you have what it takes, then you might just be their next employee.

Mobile Petroleum

Here is another oil and gas company, and I can’t tell how many are going to make this list. I must tell you, the present Nigerian economic woes do not have any effect on Mobil member of staff, because they are paid pretty well, even in Dollars.


NNPC simply stands for Nigerian National Petroleum Company, and is an household name in Nigeria today. Sales Manager with NNPC is paid up to N314,000 per month. Economists with NNPC are paid up to 3.85 million naira per annum. A fresh graduate with NNPC is paid up to 130 thousand naira monthly. They sure do deserve to be mentioned on this list of the top 10 best and highest paying companies in Nigeria for the year 2018 with this kind of pay.

Total Petroleum

Also on this list of the top 10 highest paying companies in Nigeria today is Total Petroleum, and just as the name goes, you can tell this is an oil company.

To show how well they pay their staffs, Entry level employees receive up to N12 million per annum, that’s N1million per month. Excluding allowances, whoop, just can’t imagine how much their top ranking staffs earn.

MTN Nigeria

At last we have been able to delve out of the oil and gas industry as we now move into another top player in Nigeria today, the telecommunications industry. MTN is the biggest telecom company in Nigeria today and they are surely one company you might want to work for.

Their Customer Care reps are paid up to N83,000 monthly. Their project managers are paid up to N839,000 per annum. Program Managers on the other hand are paid up to N9.44 million per annum. Senior Management members receive up to N12.4 million per annum. Quality Assurance Engineers receive up to N4.69 million per annum. I must tell you, that’s really a lot of cash

Nestle Nigeria

Nestle Nigeria is into food products, and am sure you must have tasted one of their products. Nestle Nigeria are among the top 10 best and highest paying companies in Nigeria today.

Their sales managers receive up to N6.27 million per annum. Their production supervisors receive up to N5 million per annum. Their staff members have access to vacation too. Sales rep intern is paid up to $19 per hour. Intern is paid up to $22 per hour. Mechanical Engineering Intern is paid up to $21 per hour.

Getting a job with Nestle Nigeria is surely more of a blessing, and if you have set your sights on that, I wish you all the best.

Nigerian civil service

Finally on this list is the Nigerian Civil Service, and I would be a pure criminal if I failed to mention them on this list of the top 10 best and highest paying companies in Nigeria this 2018.

The Nigerian Civil Service pays their staffs really well, and this is coupled with an irreplaceable job security.

School leavers employed into the Nigerian civil service on Level 4 Step 1 receive up to N242,994 per annum.

Those at the peak of their career at level 17 Step 1 are paid up to N4,183,600 per annum. This means you will receive about N20,000 per month as a Level 4 Step 1 Employee in the Nigerian civil service and N348,633 per month at level 17. Really cool.

There you have it on this post “Top 10 Best and Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria 2018 (Companies you need to work for).” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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