Top 10 African Countries With the Highest Paying Jobs

​​According to data by Numbeo -the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries (living conditions including cost of living) worldwide…… Below are the Top 10 African countries that pays the highest Salary…

Top 10 African Countries With the Highest Paying Jobs

1. Libya

This desert and oil-rich country in the Maghreb region in Africa is mostly known for four decades of rule by Muammar Gaddafi and the chaos that followed after his death. And even with the current political chaos and deteriorating security, the average monthly net salary after tax in Libya is $1,713.77, far better than all other African countries, even those with stability…

2. Zambia

According to the data on the site, the cost of living and rent in Zambia is low and the country also has an average monthly salary of $1,482.22.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is also capped at 1607.36.

3. South Africa

South Africa -the continent’s mining powerhouse- wasn’t left out in the list, Numbeo says the average monthly net salary after tax in South Africa is $1,188.89. Though whites still have the best quality of life in the country, it still offers unique experience for all inhabitants.

The country also has the highest number of wealthy persons in Africa .

4. Namibia

Nambia’s economy heavily depends on the extraction and processing of minerals for exports. Mining accounts for 11.5% of GDP but provides more than 50% of foreign exchange earnings. Though the country economy is currently seffering some set-backs due to the world commodity price fluctuations and droughts, people in Namibia are still paid an average monthly salary of $753.73.

5. Mauritius

Located off the southeast coast of Africa, this tiny Island is now referred to as Africa’s most competitive economy

According to World bank, mauritius is considered the easiest African nation to do business in. With low tax rates that are very attractive to outsiders. The country also pay an average monthly salary of $666.66. It’s no wonder they are the second most happiest country in Africa .

6. Tanzania

This is the 6th highest paying economy in Africa with an average monthly salary of $422.57.

According to World Bank, the country has maintained relatively stable, high growth over the last decade, recording a 7 percent per annum. The poverty rate has declined and the political stability driven by John Magufuli remains the foundation of Tanzania’s strong economic performance.

7. Morocco

Since October 2016, Morocco has been undergoing political decay. The country now has a broad coalition formed by six parties. Agricultural production presents 15 percent of country’s GDP and though affected by drought in 2016, the country had a record cereal production in 2015. Macroeconomic policies and subsidy reforms have improved the country by miles. GDP is expected to shoot to 3.7 per cent and agricultural GDP by 10 per cent. These positive developments couple with a salary of $402.41 should motivate you to move to Morocco.

8. Zimbabwe

Workers in Zimbabwe, also known as the land of Robert Mugabe earn an average monthly salary -after tax has been deducted- of $352.78.

9. Ghana

The country boasts of an independent judicial system, and

freedom of press and speech. Workers in the country get paid an average of $313.00 per month.

10. Algeria

Despite low global oil prices, the Algerian economy grew at 3.8% in 2016. The average monthly salary after tax in the country is $295.22.

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