Time to separate governance from political propaganda

Time to separate governance from political propaganda kikiotolu

By Sam Oluwalana Director of Media & Publicity APC-Ekiti

Governance is very serious business that requires strategic input, necessitates some hard decisions and is highly dependent on visionary leadership. For any nation or sub nation to develop, there must be a deliberate decision to separate governance from mere politicking and propaganda. The distortion of perception around serious life changing decisions that a focused administration must take for the benefit of its residents, runs the grave risk of denying the residents the benefits of the good governance they braved the elements to cast their votes for on Election Day.

That is why Ekiti people have resolved to refuse to be deceived by the crass, self-serving and pedestrian attempts of the rudderless remnant of the PDP, struggling to find relevance by playing politics with core issues of the well-being and progress of Ekiti State. Overwhelmed by the serial successes of the Fayemi administration in gradually reclaiming the land and restoring the pristine values of Ekiti, the PDP decided to muddle the waters with their unintelligent, harmful and destructive style of politics that lacks depth, focus and good will which only seeks to pollute the calmness and peace that is gradually returning to Ekiti State.

The sorry state that the erstwhile administration left the finances of Ekiti State on its exit on October 16, 2018 is clearly enumerated in all veritable agencies involved in debt management in the country. The memory of biting poverty Ekiti residents endured, occasioned by up to 9 months of withheld salaries, years of unpaid pensions and gratuity, stopped allowances and emoluments and excruciatingly low investment in any form of productivity is not fully expunged from their battered psyche.

Governor Fayose incurred various loans including a N2 billion commercial bank loan; N18.2 billion and N3.5bn in federal and state bonds; budget support facility of N16.9 billion, and owed N8.3 billion in salaries, contractors arrears of N2 billion and pensions and gratuities arrears of N22.2 billion, all without any productive investment in any sector of the economy, so the Ekiti people will be repaying these loans for years without anything to show for it.

Contrast that with the purposeful and strategic leadership of Dr. John Kayode Fayemi who, in his first term, secured a bond of N25billion for the development of assets like Ikogosi Warm Spring, the Ekiti Parapo Pavilion, the Civic Center and construction of over 500km of road network to mention a few, and paid up over 60% of the bond before he was rigged out in 2014. To date, the first tranche of N20bn has been paid up in full. And all the assets are now Ekiti State free hold. But for the focus-less tenure of Governor Fayose of the PDP, Ekiti people would have been enjoying the revenue from a vibrant Ikogosi Resort and a completed Civic Center.

The need to seek for developmental funds to augment the meagre revenue accruing to Ekiti State is evident to all who seek the progress and prosperity of the state. What should interest genuine Ekiti citizens should be the judicious and profitable investments of such funds in order to jumpstart the state’s economy and increase its income to meet its socio-economic needs. When ill-informed people like the purported opposition group turn this into a political higi-haga and muddle such critical sustainability issue in cheap propaganda, it is clear that they are certified enemies of the progress of Ekiti and their only goal is to keep the esteemed people of Ekiti State in their manufactured poverty in order to set them up for their failed and demeaning ‘stomach infrastructure’ deception all over again.Thankfully, Ekiti people are wiser and more discerning.

They know the difference between deceptive and developmental leadership. They can recognize the leader who cares for and is willing to make the necessary decisions to make poverty history in Ekiti State. They will no longer be conned into the lies and deceit of manufactured fear for ‘gbese’, because the industrious entrepreneurs know that business and prosperity sometimes require support and as the saying goes, ‘money begets money’.

The Fayemi administration will not allow failed and shallow political jobbers to dictate the pace, tone or focus of its leadership. Dr. Kayode Fayemi is focused on wiping away the untold poverty and deprivation the PDP subjected Ekiti people to between 2014-2018 and he will take all possible, probable and available options to ensure Ekiti people will never go back to the years of lack and misery again. If developmental funding is available through the goodwill, prudence and integrity of the governor and his associates, this administration will not be intimidated to ignore opportunities that other states would do anything to access.

Dr. Kayode Fayemi has the mandate of Ekiti people to lead them to prosperity. If the path must necessitate the support of external funding at a premium, such decisions will be considered prudently and subjected to the legal and constitutional process required, including stakeholder’s engagement to get the support and approval of Ekiti people through their representatives before it is taken.

No amount of political propaganda will force the Fayemi administration to truncate or expedite a process that it considers necessary for fulfilling his mandate so we advise the PDP in Ekiti State to stop the hysteria and find more productive work to do like trying to rebuild its demolished party structure that is presently in confused chaos.

Sam Oluwalana
Director of Media & Publicity
All Progressives Congress (APC)
July 25, 2019

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