“This Chioma assurance is becoming endurance” – Nigerians react to Davido’s new alleged baby mama

On Monday, 8th of June, 2020, reports circulated widely that Nigerian singer, Davido welcomed a 4th child with the fourth woman — this alleged new development left a lot of people “disappointed” and surprised because of the singer’s relationship with Chioma, his fiancee.

The report came on Monday morning that the singer’s alleged latest baby mama is one Lasrissa Yasmin Lorenco who welcomed a son for him in March of 2020.

The Afropop singer, who already has three children with three different women, allegedly blocked the lady and denied the baby.

Davido and his fiancee, Chioma are currently trending on social media and Twitter users are giving their takes on the turnout of events.

Some slammed Davido while some slammed Chioma for staying.

See some reactions from Twitter below,

So Davido got another woman pregnant… pls when I say men you say are rubbish

I wonder why people are surprised about Davido getting a child from another woman after the chioma assurance noise…

B4 chioma, Mama imade was there,if she thought that she’s gonna be the only one,she’s dreaming..

The broom wey dem use whip Mama imade still dey back of door

I hope this davido news is not true. He can’t be cheating on chioma after chivido and assurance2020. Chioma deserves better. You see this male gender, They will disgrace yo

BJORN Ironside
But Chioma not finishing up her degree because of a man still gon be forever funny to me.

How do you abandon your degree for a man??????
This Chioma “assurance 2020” is becoming “endurance 2020”. I hope there’s “insurance 2021”

In other news, lemme cc Davido, Chioma…some people will still blame it on Tinubu and Terry crews😉.

Merits excel
Davido where is assurrance you promised Chroma?if the rumor is true that means aren’t loyal.Chioma suppose Sue you for that.,😋🤣