“… there’s no more Corona in the world…”-Naira Marley

Rapper Naira Marley has said that it appears as if there is no more coronavirus in the world just weeks after the lockdown order was lifted by different governments.

Several protests have been recorded in different parts of the world with social distancing disregarded.

According to Naira Marley, it seems nobody cares about the virus anymore.

He wrote: “I guess there’s nomore corona in the world looooooooooooooooooooooooool or should I say nobody cares about corona anymore”.

He also revealed how he was dragged over the controversial songs he released which contributed to his fame today.

He wrote: “I got dragged for singing Soapy
I got dragged for saying Olosho IssaGoal
I got dragged for saying toba doko wamalole bye bye
I got dragged for not believing in corona”

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