The Worst Places You Should Not Sit In An Office

The Worst Places You should not Sit In An Office

According to studies, a perfect seating position can improve your work output. This is why you should look to avoid the below 5 places people sit in an office, has they have proved to have negative effect on people.

Scientific studies have revealed the right office seating plan can increase profits by 15%. As such, smart bosses should put in more effort to come up with the perfect seating plan to increase employees chances to be successful.

Checkout the list of the 5 worst places to sit in the office below;

  • Near the printer: Printers release particulate matter into the air which is as bad as breathing in second hand smoke. Sitting near the printer can lead to respiratory problems and even cancer. So always try to sit away from the printer.
  • Windowless rooms: I have once worked in a windowless office before and the experience wasn’t superb. Windowless offices are stuffy and employees tend to feel tired without fresh air. More importantly, it enhances the spread of germs, meaning one sick colleague can easily bring down the entire team.
  • Near the toilet: First of all, the toilet is an unhygienic spot that employees should not sit close to. Additionally, colleagues going in and out of the toilet throughout the day can be distracting.
  • Near the servers: The radiation from computer servers is bad for health, and studies have suggested it can reduce fertility in men.
  • The hot-and-cold office: In many offices, certain places are freezing cold, while others are unreasonably warm. Employers are advised to install ventilators near air vents for better ventilation and to reduce the temperature difference in the office.

There you have it on this list, I hope you found this piece helpful more than a bit.

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