The Inspiring Story Of A Pilot Who Was Jobless For 15 Months In Nigeria (Photos)

The story has been told of the pilot who was jobless for as many as fifteen months but kept pushing on resiliently.

A pilot identified as captain Shaddad Tijjani Mohammed, a Nigerian national, endured being jobless for as many as 15 months before his resilience saw him through the hard time.

The pilot’s story was told by Madiba Bay School of Flight in South Africa.

According to the school, which shared Shaddads story on Facebook, they are telling the story to lift peoples’ spirits. Check out how they narrated it below:

“When a past student of ours recently got in contact to let us know how he is doing, we thought sharing his story could lift some spirits in what can be a ruthless industry at times.

“Shaddad Tijjani Mohammed began flying at Madiba Bay in April 2011. He went solo on May 11th and achieved his PPL on August 17th of the same year. He went on to earn his CPL one year later on August 13th, 2012.

“After not finding work back home in Nigeria for around 15 months, Captain Shaddad came back to do his instructor’s rating, before leaving again to go and get a job as an instructor at International Aviation College, Ilorin in Nigeria.

“After instructing at the college for one year, Captain Shaddad headed to Miami, Florida to do his Boeing 737 type rating at Panam Intl Flight Academy.

“He then returned home to Nigeria and landed a job as a First Officer with Azman Air on the Boeing 737.

“Captain Shaddad recently got his upgrade within the company and is now a Captain on the Boeing 737 with Azman Air.

“Captain Shaddad considers his greatest career achievement thus far to having been an instructor at IAC Ilorin where he was able to touch lives and help many young pilots realize their dream of flying aircraft.

“Captain Shaddad believes this business is all about setting the correct goals and targets for yourself. Being resilient, above board and professional at all times with integrity and being ready to develop others. With self belief, hard work and some focused prayer, you will achieve. Find a mentor that inspires you and be prepared to follow in his steps at all costs.

“Captain Shaddad stresses the fact at first it always seems like an extremely long and hard road to success but trust him he says, “…with patience you will get to the promised land.” ,as he is a walking testimony to this.

“Captain Shaddad very importantly, never forgets where he came from and remains grateful to everyone that had an input into his training along the way to where he now finds himself, from his early days as a student pilot at MBSF to the flight deck of a modern jet liner, Captain Shaddad’s story is one of just many that should remind us all of where we are going and that we will get there, no matter how long the road may look.

“Let your dreams take flight with us at Madiba Bay.”

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