How to Survive as a Youth Corper While Serving

​It is of no doubt that Youth Corpers are one of the most broke people in Nigeria today. I can say that with all amount of conviction and empathy. If you are still doubting make an investigation yourself.

You find them complaining, lamenting and airing out their grievances mostly on social media platforms most especially when that their small ALAWEE is not been paid as at when due by the federal Government.

An average corps member in the national Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme in Nigeria is currently earning N19,800 monthly allowance as been paid by the federal Government. This amount is not sufficient to cater for their daily needs. In an effort to cushion the effect of the money drought, some who still have able parents fall back on them as backup for supplementary funding.

If you are one of such Youth corps member, its high time you start thinking of alternative means in other to survive on your own and be financially free while serving your father land.

Here are some useful tips for survival

1. AGRICULTURE: While in orientation camps, some corps members detest the idea of being posted to remote areas. Some will grudgingly accept it while some will lobby to be reposted to the city. Serving in a local area has its advantages, one of which is access to fertile and cheap farm land. Some corpers do take advantage of this and invest in Agriculture. Fish farm, Poultry farm, rabbit farm, crops planting, etc are kinds of farming corpers indulge in and they reap bountifully from such lucrative investment..

2. FASHION DESIGN AND TAILORING : For those that had acquired fashion designing skills or tailoring while in school or before starting school, this would really pay off. You can start by advertising your skills in various CDS clubs to your colleagues. You will be amazed by the level of patronage you will get if you truly make up your mind to do it.

3. RETAIL SALES OF RELIVED ITEMS: Conduct a feasibility study in your environment, you can identify a need and satisfy. By so doing, you will earn extra cash income. you can deal on shoes, wristwatches, phone accessories, etc.

4. ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS: Just like the mobile workforce, handling online assignments can be very interesting. Using your contacts and friends across the social media, your email and freelancing sites, you can get some extra cash in your bank account. Think of services like writing, editing, proof reading, social media account management, web designing, blogging etc.

5. HOSPITALITY: Work ways on supplying beverages and snacks to people and organizations. How about handling restaurants and food service, tourism destinations and attractions identifications, hotel bookings, event planning etc. The hospitality sector is a very lucrative business area that could set you up as an entrepreneur during and after your service year.

6. PHYSICAL FITNESS EXPERT: For those with the knowledge and background in physical fitness, physical exercises in addition to good nutrition is what people need to stay healthy. Being a well skilled physical instructor, your services will be needed in companies, schools, government agencies and even ministry of sports etc.

7. PHOTOGRAPHY: If you have the knowledge of still photography or even video coverage, it’s necessary to carry it along to your state of deployment. Events are hosted regularly and opportunities to earn extra income during weekends or when off primary duty are numerous.

8. PRIVATE LESSONS: This is the most convenient and easy option for corpers specially for those teaching in schools. You can meet with parents and/or your principal to plan and schedule for extra lessons. Apart from the usual evening lessons, you can also plan for holiday classes as well.

You can conduct a preparatory classes for students opting for JSSCE, WASSCE, JAMB Examination, NECO, GCE, Post-UME etc.

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