Surgeons remove cancer patient's wrong body part in Australia kikiotolu

Surgeons remove cancer patient’s wrong body part in Australia

Surgeons removed the wrong body part of a cancer patient at Sydney’s new Northern Beaches Hospital, Australia.

The NSW government is now investigating a shocking example of medical negligence, after a cancer patient had the wrong side of his bowel removed.

Surgeons remove cancer patient's wrong body part in Australia kikiotolu

The error happened at the troubled public-private hospital last week. It’s understood the male patient underwent corrective surgery on Friday.

A spokesperson for the hospital’s health care provider said: “The patient and their family have been provided full disclosure and NBH is supporting their ongoing care and treatment.”

Northern Beaches Hospital, a 488-bed hospital, was opened in October last year and has since been struggling with shortage of essential drugs, medical equipment, and industrial disputes.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the hospital had advised NSW Health of the “serious event”.

It has been alleged issues with the patient’s pathology results from a private provider in some way contributed to the mistake.

“In such situations there are investigative processes and those must proceed to their conclusion before any further comment can be made,” Mr Hazzard said in a statement on Monday.

“The patient’s privacy must also be respected.”

Mr Hazzard has asked the hospital to provide all possible support for the patient and his family.