Romance Story: How I Fell In Love With My Girlfriends Sister

Romance Story How I Fell In Love With My Girlfriends Sister kikiotolu

I am back and this time there is more trouble than you can ever imagine. It seems with me troubles would never end, just some few weeks back I shared my experience on  How Nigerian soldiers helped me reset my brain . Honestly the whole reset didn’t last a year and my brain is relapsing again as I find myself stuck in another mess.

You all know I suffered a lot to get Sandra as my girlfriend. The soldier event   was the worst but as I write this  I am in love with Sandra’s sister Amaka.

It all started when I met Amaka at Sandra’s place. It was a complete love at first site, as I saw Amaka on the bed in bump short and spaghetti top my heart stopped beating for some seconds, my mouth was wide open like the offering box, I just kept staring at Amaka till Sandra drew my attention away from her sister.

Sandra is hot but her sister is hotter. Amaka is not the busty type or the girl with robust and fleshy behind but trust me if you see Amaka you would feel like converting her into pizza and consuming her on an instant.

I didn’t loose my cool that day, I played the perfect cool guy stealing a few glances which if I got caught it won’t be too awkward.

But something out of the ordinary happened this weekend.

Have you heard or read about the devil tempting Jesus with food and other things?

Trust me that is little compared to what happened yesterday.

It was already dark and I was watching a football match when Amaka came into my room, she joined me on the couch and became a  distraction. I was just looking at Amaka who was wearing a short gown, the type that leads men to sin. I could figure out all her curves, the gown gave me a teaser view of her cleavages and worst of all the way she sat I could clearly see nearly all her laps including the inner thighs.

I couldn’t understand why she was here at this late hour, she didn’t have any reason to come to my place.

The sight of Amaka was intimidating and I instantly became a Dundee, I soon began to stutter as words became maths in my head.

What do you expect the girl was killing me.

After about an hour Amaka left but   before she did she gave me a  tight hug which seemed to last forever. I noticed the awkwardness of the hug and used the opportunity to grab her behind which made her smile a bit.

That single smile was the beginning of my problem and it as done a lot to my head. Every split second my head continues to create romantic scenes of Amaka and I.

I called Amaka this morning and she said she was expecting my call that she has been thinking about me all day. She promised to check on me at night and am sure of some bit of action.

And sorry for not telling my name all this while. Am Bode though my street name is Bode oniranu. I hope you all don’t call me that because am a gentle boy to the core. You can check back as I would give you a report of what Amaka and I are going to do.

Written by Ayeni Tolulope