So touching!! Meet this hardworking farmer who is blind, dumb and deaf

So touching Meet this hardworking farmer who is blind, dumb and deaf

Meet this hardworking Taraba State farmer who is blind, dumb and deaf, and not even young.

This is a clear evidence that there is no excuse to live a life of crime, or excuse for laziness, 71-year-old man can still farm rice, corn & maize, even with his disabilities.

Many youths in Nigeria today are fond of blaming factors surrounding them as the reason they have chosen a life of crime, well, if this old man who is disabled still strives to work, then you might be running out of excuses.

The images and story of this man was posted on Facebook by a corps member, Praise Odoma, who is currently serving in Taraba State. See what Odoma has to say below;

I heard about a blind farmer in garin-sarki under Lau LG in Taraba state. I decided to go pay him a visit for my personal CDS & probably make a program out of it to encourage others. It’s a 32km journey. Got to a point where I have to board a bike & spent two hours sitting on bike. 

Arriving garin-sarki, I met Baba in his farm farming rice, I couldn’t control the tears rolling down my eyes because I discovered that Baba is not only blind but BLIND, DEAF & DUMB with a paralysed left Hand. Yes is true. Baba got blind, deaf & dumb at the age of 13. 

It will amaze u that Baba is a farmer just like any individual who can see, speak & hear. He farm to feed himself & feed 14 children that his deceased brother left behind. 

If a blind, deaf & dumb Baba who is 71 years old can still farm rice, corn & maize what then is ur EXCUSE in life as an individual, as a youth, corp member, teen, parent & as a complete human who has healthy eyes, ears & mouth for not achieving what u want to achieve in life?

I want us to take this as a challenge & stop blaming people & situations around u but wake up strong, thank God for creating u & for where u ar, believe in urself, accept whom u ar and tell urself, Yes I can do it. U can achieve that colourful beutiful dream, u can get that level u want to. Pray, think positive, work hard & u will discover that there’s nothing impossible for human to achieve on earth & even in Heaven.be patient & keep pressing harder. 

Believe that God is there & He loves u, He will see u through. My Dear, u have no excuse in becoming what u want to become in life.

Checkout more images of this Taraba state farmer who is blind, dumb and deaf below;

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