Small Businesses That Can Make You Rich Quickly in Nigeria This 2017


Small Businesses That Can Make You Rich Quickly in Nigeria This 2017

Here is a post which is going to give you a list of the top 5 fast growing small scale business which you can do and make some millions quickly in Nigeria this 2017.

This post is for those who are business oriented and willing to start a small scale business this year 2017. Why a small scale business? Well, obviously not everyone can start a multi million business, so this post is targeted at those who don’t really have that much of capital, but are business savy.

What to make your first millions soon? Checkout the list of fast growing business that can help you achieve just that.

  1. Starting a fast food restaurant business: This doesn’t need to be world class standard, the size and standard of your restaurant depends on your capital. Nigerians eat, and they love fast food, so you can never lack in customers.
  2. Selling timber: There is a lot of profit in this business, and if you are looking to make some million, the try out this business.
  3. Child Care Centers: With increasing cases of house helps who abuse or sell babies, many parents are opting to take their non-school going children to child care centers. As we all know, lot of working class mothers have a busy schedule, so this is a business with a lot of potential.
  4. Agriculture: There are so many business opportunities in this sector, be it setting up a poultry, fish farm, planting seeds and lots more. You are certain to make some profits. Here is something to convince you, a catfish is now sold for about N900 or more depending on the size. That’s no childs play.
  5. Retail business: This business has a lot of potential, and it is bound to grow. You can start this business with whatever capital you may have (not talking about N2k oh).

There you have it with this fabinfos tip of the top 5 fast growing small scale business that can make you rich quickly in Nigeria this 2017.

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