I am not happy with Naira Marley’s arrest – Simi

I am not happy about Naira Marley's arrest - Simi kikiotolu

Simi has claimed that she is not happy with Naira Marley’s recent arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Well, many people expected the singer and wife of Adekunle Gold to be basking in the euphoria of Naira Marley’s arrest due to their recent standoff on social media.

Simi reacted to Naira Marley’s arrest in a question and answer session on Instagram, revealing that she is not happy about it.

Recall that Naira Marley had accused her of snubbing him at an event. According to him, maybe it was due to his stance on Internet fraudsters who Simi has always maintained her disdain for their illegal act.

The singer who also described herself as a person of conviction, disclosed that she will fight for anything she believes in.

According to her, she is not one to be bullied while stating that she doesn’t know how to hold a grudge either.

She goes further to say that she is the type who will ask for forgiveness when she is in the wrong and find it easy to move on if someone she cares about takes her for granted.

In her lengthy post, she also reveals that she believes in love more than she does in religion and music is her everything. She also adds that she loves her mum while her sister is her best friend.

The post is coming in response to a fan asking to know about her and the way she behaves during a question and answer session on social media.

See what she wrote below;

‘ Lol Ok. It’s about to be a long story. I’m a person of conviction I believe something, I will fight for it. I’m driven by my passion, by my desire to be happy, by my need for peace. Money don’t drive me. I like nice things, but I’m content.

Never had a need to impress anyone. Everything I do, I do because it makes me happy. I work too much, steep too little I hate ass-kissing/kissers.

The only people that can hurt my feelings are the people I give a fuck about – everybody else is just noise. And if I give a fuck abt u and u take me for granted. I will move u to the other list pronto.. I’m not very patient.

If you make me mad, I will confront you. If I hurt you. I’II apologise. I’m loyal af. I always tell my friends the truth, always. I won’t correct people I love publicly.

First I voltron for them in public then I hassle them privately. I almost always give my opinion only when I’m asked (unless its sthg that is paning me).

I can’t stand fake people.

I don’t know how to hold a grudge, but I know how to forget about people that are disloyal to me. I hate the abuse of “‘Sorry”. I love my mum. So much.! believe in Love more than I do in religion. I looveee my man. I’m a practical-optimist. I’m really hard to bully, Ike I IN honestly don’t give a fuck _ . Music is my everything, but I’m really good at a lot of things. I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I think everyone is capable of bad and good.

I am not happy with Naira Marley's arrest - Simi kikiotolu 1