Short Story I am Adam by Ayeni Tolulope kikiotolu

Short Story: I am Adam by Ayeni Tolulope

Checkout this short story titled “I am Adam” by Ayeni Tolulope. This Nigerian flash fiction is a perfect intro to an interesting thriller).

Short Story I am Adam by Ayeni Tolulope kikiotolu

Never over hype Mondays as being the most hectic day of the week, Thursdays also are. You know how one feels after working all day from Monday at the same intensity all till Thursday. You feel freaking f•cking tired. I hate Thursdays.

Oh, sorry, my bad, I haven’t introduced myself. Am Shola by name, a banker by profession. Not just any random banker, but one in the the business hub of the largest black nation on earth. A Lagos banker.

It’s Thursday evening, and as you can tell, am really tired. I won’t say I hate my job, why should I? It’s just an hectic one, though the pay is pleasant.

To shake off the stress of the day, am heading to my boyfriend at Benson Street, Mogaji Lane.

Temi is a really cool guy, pleasant to be with and he has the magic fingers. All work and no play sure makes Shola a dull girl. Today is play day for me….#winks

It was about 9:45pm in the night and I was taking the lonely walk down to Temi’s place. Not like am a night walker, my boss just loves to hold me down, I don’t know why. My co-workers joke that it is cause am really smart. Thats no big deal for me though.

It was dark and the street was deserted as I walked past the locked stalls. The estate has been tormented for the past six weeks by Adam who killed young ladies every Thursday night. Did I just talk about Adam, well its a usual name that pops into my head anytime I walk past this stalls. Why won’t I?

The inscription written by Adam on his latest victim kept flooding my mind as I walked back home.


He used her blood to inscribe the words on her face. That was really gory, it took me days to recover from that site. Days without s•x.

I wore my earpiece and began to listen to some music, but hey, it couldn’t help.

The words of Mummy Silifa crossed my head. ‘You can’t outrun him.’ Since the killings began his speed and strength got over hyped making him seem superhuman to all. The local pastor and champions of the protestants in his estate also claimed that Adam was a demon released from hell in search for twenty one virgins. I believed Adam had to be a big guy but not superhuman, honestly only his victims can tell how he looks.

‘Thank God’ I whispered to myself as I spotted a young lady. I increased my pace as I was eager to walk with her. The state police advised on T.V that people walk in groups at night.

‘Hello’ I greeted but she didn’t bother to reply, I pressed further wanting to start a conversation. ‘I am really happy to find someone, I was really scared of Adam’ She smiled at me and whispered something I couldn’t hear, I moved closer to her then I had my first glace at her face. Oh, sorry him. He was was roughly marked and looked horrible like a zombie.

My body froze at that instant, I couldn’t run, it was of no use now.

He was my misery, smiled and said….

‘ I am Adam’

Watch out for the full series of “Adams Diary”

Story by Ayeni Tolulope