How to Shop from Amazon and Ship to Nigeria This 2018

Here is the step by step guide on how to successfully shop from Amazon and ship to Nigeria this 2018.

How to Shop from Amazon and Ship to Nigeria This 2018

Amazon is a buying and selling platform where you can purchase products of high class and quality like latest/cheap laptops, phones, books, household gadgets, DVDs, clothes and accessories etc. Amazon has a large team that offers varieties of products that are mostly American made products that are known for their high class quality demanded to customers.

Countries like Nigeria can only get certain products shipped if it falls into the categories of Books, DVDs, music and videos within a week. Meanwhile, products like laptops, phones, household gadgets and other electrical devices except the ones listed above cannot be shipped directly to Nigeria from Amazon. Follow the steps below to buy on Amazon.

• Visit Amazon.com
• Create and sign into your Amazon account
• Go to Your Account: Under Settings option, select Manage Address book and edit your default shipping address.
• Search for items you want to purchase
• On the left side of the screen, under Refine by, select the Ship to Nigeria
• Add the product(s) you want to buy to your cart
• Proceed to checkout.
• Select your shipping address and choose a delivery option
• Select your payment method.
• Place your order.

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There you have it on this post “How to Shop from Amazon and Ship to Nigeria This 2018.” I hope you found this helpful.

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