See Strange Object Spotted On Sunday Igboho’s Neck After He Challenges Gov Makinde In Trending Video

The social media has been busy with the lingering issues between Sunday Igboho and the Executive Governor of Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde over the 7 day ultimatum given to herdsmen in the state to leave the forest. 

Sunday Igboho was reported to have led some hunters to ensure the directive is strictly followed. 

However, another video clip of Sunday Igboho has again hit the cyberspace on Friday. In the clip, Igboho was seen making his usual threats, even against the Governor directive. 

There is something strange about the clothe Sunday was wearing as his top looked like he had shoulder pads on. It was discovered that he actually had what looked like a bullet proof vest which is serving as a protection. 

Aside from that, a charm was also sighted on his neck, apparently for protection. 

Here is how people are reacting over the charm that was spotted on Sunday Igboho neck in the Viral video. 

“Sunday Igboho: There is antidote for every poison and there is a cure somewhere for every insanity. Fulani shouldn’t dare the Yorubas”