See why there is no iPhone 9, BB9, and Windows 9

Have you ever wondered why there is iPhone 9, BB9, and Windows 9? Well, we are set to give you info on just why.

There is obviously a problem with the number 9 among mobile phone producers, and the reason is not farfetched.

Marketing is key in mobile phone production, and since the number 9 has some negative superstitious view is some part of the world, this mobile phone producers have decided to skip it.

What’s up with the number 9, superstition, and mobile phone?

Number 9 is a curse word in Chinese and a synonym for suffering, agony or torture in Japanese. And we all know the large role China plays in the mobile phone market, ignore them and ignore fortune.

What other number has negative view…

The number 13…in many places in the West, this number is considered a number for bad luck. Remember “Friday the 13th”?

The number 4….in countries like Korea, China and Japan, this number is a synonym for the word “death”. No one wants to buy death.

There you have it on this post, so am sure you now know why there is no iPhone 9.


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