Romance Story: The Evening with the Pretty Store Attendant – Man Narrates S*xual Encounter


Erotic Story: The Evening with the Pretty Store Attendant - Man Narrates S*xual Encounter

Edy was shopping for his sister’s birthday present at the local store where it looked like the attendant is seriously flirting with him. Is it going to happen or will he pass?

I had been going into the gift store for the past three years, and the owner of the shop knew me well. She was a lovely Igbo lady who kept the business going after the sudden death of her husband a few years before. I had a great relationship with her and knew enough about her to know that her two daughters and her son helped her out with the shop when she desired.

I had never seen the son and had caught only a glimpse of one of the two daughters, one of whom was a very attractive; her smile could wake the dead.

She looked a lot like her mother, and I had always thought that if the elder woman looked like this when she was young, she was really something. Having seen only one of the daughters, I often wondered what the other one looked like. All I knew of her was that she was a university student in the eastern part of the country, which explains why I had never seen her in the shop.

One fateful day, I had to go into the shop to buy some gifts for my sister’s birthday, and I knew that the owner of the shop would know what I was there for as soon as she saw me. To my surprise, though, the elder woman wasn’t there. Behind the counter instead was a young lady. As I got closer I could see that she had the most seductive eyes I had ever seen, and was wearing an above-the-knee skirt beneath a blue apron.

The apron covered her shirt so I couldn’t see what her sleeveless shirt looked like, but I could see that the lady was so well-endowed, the slopes of her big breasts tenting out the front of her apron. I tried not to stare as I walked towards the counter. She smiled at me as I approached.

“Hi, I’m Ada, can I help you?” she said, her eyes sparkling.

“Yes, I would like to buy a gift for…” I began.

“Your sister’s birthday,” she finished for me.

“Yes, that’s right!” I said, surprised. “How did you know that?”

“My mother told me you would be in here today, and why,” she said, looking at me with those sparkling eyes and smiling at me. “She also told me to take special care of you, that you’re one of our best customers.”

“Well, that was very nice of her!” I said, smiling back at her. “You must be the daughter who’s in the university,” he said.

“Yes, that would be me,” she replied. “School keeps me so busy so I don’t get many chances to help here in the shop, but I’m home on holiday now so here I am!” She smiled broadly at me as she spoke, her eyes flashing brightly.

“So what would you like?” she asked, putting her hands behind her back and rocking her shoulders back and forth slightly, stretching her apron tight across her more than ample breast. I tried not to let my eyes lock on her br•asts waving at me as she did so.

“Well, what would you suggest?” he asked.

“A box of perfume would be nice,” she said, turning and walking to the display rack behind her. She reached up to get a bundle from the top shelf, and when she did her skirt rose up and revealed the bottoms of the cheeks of her a$$ to me. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and I felt my dick stir slightly. She retrieved the box and turned to face me, showing them to me.

“Very nice,” he said. “What else would you suggest?”

“Well, let’s see what else I have that may interest you,” she said. She turned and put the box back up on the shelf, showing me the bottom of her ass again. I wondered if she was intentionally flirting with me as she moved to the middle of the shelf and bent over from the waist, picking up a display from the lower shelf. I got a clear view of her rounded, shapely ass as her skirt rode up again, and my d••k began to grow. She straightened up and turned around as she showed the display to me.

“This is the best silver necklace in the market, and it is very nice,” she said, smiling at me.

“Yes, it looks like it, but I’m not sure that’s the one I want,” I said.

“Well, take a look at this rack,” she said, turning to put the box back. “I have several things here that I think you would like,” she said, bending over again to put the box back. This time her feet were slightly apart, and when she bent over she gave me a clear view of her shaven p•ssy lips nestled beneath the rounded curves of her ass. She looked around at me, still bent over, and said, “See anything you like?”

“Yes, I do,” I said, positive now that she was flirting with me and was very serious about it. “I see a very nice display, rounded and full, with some very smooth and delicate petals that are very soft to the touch. Right?” I asked, and she smiled a wicked smile as she stood up and walked over to the counter.

“Right,” she said, “they are very smooth indeed. Would you like to see for yourself?” she asked, the look in her eyes speaking volumes.

“Yes, I would, very much,” I replied.

She walked around from behind the counter and over to the door, where she turned the lock and hung a sign in the door that said, “Closed,” then walked back and took my hands, leading me past the counter.

“Come with me!” she said over her shoulder, and I followed her into the back of the shop into the storeroom where cartons were put together, out of sight of the front windows of the shop. The air was heavy with her scent.

“I have something else I think you’ll like, too,” she said, stopping and turning to face me. She reached down and untied her apron, pulling it open to reveal her breasts to me. She was wearing a see-through green shirt and no bra; her large br••sts were clearly visible through the material.

Her areolas were large, and centred in each one was a tiny, round nipple. She pulled the apron aside and then pushed her breasts inward with her fists, creating a mighty cleavage. I could see her perfectly round ni•ples getting hard and poking against the shirt as she pushed her breasts together.

“Well, what do you think?” she said, smiling a smile that means ‘come-and-f••k-me’.

“I think they’re great,” I said, walking over to her. I placed my hands on her br••sts, lifting them in my palms and then squeezing them firmly. I rubbed my thumbs over her ni•ples and she shuddered, inhaling a sharp quick breath as I did that. With my hands massaging her soft, full br••sts she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me long and deep, her tongue poking into my mouth and finding mine.

She pressed her hips against me and felt my hardening d••k; she grounded her hips against my dick slowly as we kissed. I slipped a hand down around her body and grabbed her a$$ with it, squeezing the round cheeks of a$$ hard as I pulled her close to me. She slipped a hand down my body to find the hard tube of my d••k, squeezing it through my trousers. I was rock-hard now, throbbing with desire, and was aching to f••k her.

I slid my hand around her hip and under her skirt, sliding my fingers over her smooth pu••y lips. I slipped a finger between them to find that she was dripping wet. She jumped when his finger slipped over her clit. She finally broke the kiss and spoke in a breathless voice, her desire obvious.

“I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you for the first time,” she said, nibbling on his ear while gripping his cock with her hand. “I just couldn’t wait to get my mother out of here!”

“I’m glad you did,” I said, sliding my finger inside her pu••y. She gasped, then moaned in my ear as my finger slid in deep. She was soaking wet and ready for me.

“Not as glad as I am,” she said, stepping back from me, “and not as glad as you’re going to be!” She dropped to her knees in front of me, quickly unzipping my trouser. She reached inside and slipped her fingers inside my boxers, pulling out my hard d••k. She smiled when she saw it for the first time.

… be continued.

Credits: Hot Pulse

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