What are the possibilities of another world war, or is it just a social media war?


What are the possibilities of another world war, or is it just a social media war

Its been over 60 years now since the last world war, and there as been speculations that we might just be on a brink of yet another global war fare.

This speculations as been on the rise ever since Donald Trump got elected as the President of America, and with tension between the United States of America and Russia continuing to rise, many beliefs that we might just experience the World War III anytime soon.

So what are the possibilities of another world war, or is it just a social media war?

If you have read about an upcoming world war, you must have also heard about how this war might spell the end for mankind.

This is because of the use of nuclear weapons towards the end of World War II and the subsequent acquisition of this weapon by many countries.

Though there had been some historical close calls to the third world war, it seems a little bit of an impossibility at the moment.

Why did I say its a bit of a impossibility? Here I go…

The most likely flashpoint of a war for now might be the problem at the South China Sea, but the possibility of this escalating into a world war is little. After a few rounds of shots and a meeting in Geneva, the conflict is likely to end.

Another point is, the world powers are all stocked with nuclear weapons and it would be unwise for them to attack each other, as it is likely to spell their doom.

The Cold War in 1947 and the spread of nuclear weapons technology, the possibility of a third global conflict became more plausible.

North Korea is loaded, Pakistan is loaded, Russia is loaded and so is America, and it would be foolish to go at war against each other.

Though it has been proven in recent years that this world powers are ready to flex their muscles, the likelihood of a world war is really slim at the moment.

We can never dispute the fact that there can still be yet another world war. After the first world war in the year 1918, many believed that the world was never going to go at war again. Though the second world war disproved that, and we never can tell the chain of events that just might occur tomorrow.

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