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Poetry: Locked away in my thoughtshop by Akande Tunji

Poetry Locked away in my thoughtshop by Akande Tunji kikiotolu

I’m locked away in my thoughtshop. Chopping at my thoughts, filing my emotions.
Like a craftsman, I sculptured my dream into reality.

Not even this black night will obstruct my moon from drawing the man and his shadow. A silhouette of life.

Not the moon, not the night, but the stars and a million gaze from eyes that see all except self will tell the tale.

A falling star is a unicorn, the hope of many who await the chance to wish a wish in a world made of horses.

It’s the night, I’m the man. Our pact is same as then, close the world and dream again. Tomorrow the world opens to the next reality.

Akande Tunji©

I hope you enjoyed this piece more than a bit.

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