Paternity Fraud: Man Dies Of Heart Attack After Finding Out His Two Kids Are For His Wife’s Boss

A Nigerian woman, Moyo Thomas, nee Ojo, confessed her extra-marital affairs to her husband Tunde Thomas, after she escaped to the U.S, where she is now seeking asylum.

Moyo has been having an extramarital affair with her boss Nuru Adams who is the MD of a popular Nigerian bank, First City Monument Bank (FCMB). The late husband, who all along believed that the two kids of the marriage belonged to him, died of depression and heart attack on 16 December 2020, some days before introducing another woman to his family.

A group that has sprung up, Justice for Tunde Thomas, is spearheading the campaign to get Nuru dismissed. It has also given FCMB two weeks to sack Nuru, on ethical grounds, for being mired in marriage and paternity scandals.