Sarkodie did not sleep with me – Pamela Odame

Sarkodie did not sleep with me - Pamela Odame kikiotolu

Popular music video vixen, Pamela Odame, has denied sleeping with Sarkodie, saying he isn’t the musician she got intimate with.

The video vixen during her appearance on the Delay Show disclosed that she had an affair with one musician she has once worked for.

The model smiled, giggled and answered “none of them” but backtracked after Delay pushed her.

“Just one,” a rather sober Watara said.

Asked if the said musician is married and indeed if she knew about his marital status, Watara responded, “I didn’t really know.”

According to her, she dated the musician in question for two months after they shot the video.

“He didn’t promise me love. He was calling to check up on me and sometimes, I could tell him I was broke. He could come pick me up for outing, send me back home and give me some money,” she disclosed.

After Pamela’s interview, the musicians she ever worked with as a video vixen in their music videos were listed. Sarkodie was one of them. She has emphatically stated that Sarkodie is not one of the musicians she has slept with.

She said;

“For Sarkodie when he was added to the list, I was so hurt because he is someone who keeps to himself.”

Sarkodie after the report, went on a Twitter rant, threaten to sue any one who says he has slept with her. From all indications, the rapper has been vindicated as Miss Odame says people should take him out of the list.

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