OnePlus 5 with 8GB RAM: Full Specifications, Top Features, Price & Everything You Need To Know 

OnePlus promised a more super device last year when it launched the OnePlus 3. The OnePlus 3T was a sort of minor update and that too came in 2016. This year, in 2017, OnePlus is back with a new Android flagship phone and it is called the OnePlus 5. The phone saw its global launch on the night of June 20 and it will go on sale from June 27. In India OnePlus 5 will launch on June 22, which is tomorrow.
In the coming days we will talk a lot about the OnePlus 5. This is an important phone considering how many people bought and liked the OnePlus 3T. With pure Android and all, it is supposed to be like the Nexus phone that Google stopped making. So yes, we will talk about the OnePlus 5 in detail in the coming days. But for now, let’s take a look at key details of the phone, including its price.


Processor: The OnePlus 5 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This processor has 8-cores and fairly beefy Adreno 540 graphics processor. The processor has the top speed of 2.3GHz.

RAM: The OnePlus 5 comes in two variants: One with 6GB RAM and another with 8GB RAM. Now that is a lot.

Internal storage: Just like RAM, there is a lot of storage inside the phone. The 6GB variant comes with 64GB internal storage, and the 8GB variant has 128GB storage.

Screen: The phone has a 5.5-inch screen with optic AMOLED display. It uses curved Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on top of the screen. The screen resolution is 1808P aka FullHD.

Rear camera: The phone has two cameras on the rear. One is a 16-megapixel camera paired with a regular angle (or in other words wide-angle) lens. This camera has a lens with F1.7 aperture. The second camera has a telephoto lens and it has been paired with a 20-megpixel image sensor. This camera has a F2.6 lens. Both the image sensors are made by Sony, with the 16-megapixel one specifically created by the Japanese company for OnePlus.

Front camera: On the front there is a 16-megapixel camera

Software: The OnePlus 5 uses Android 7 aka Nougat software. It is lightly customised with Oxygen OS.

Battery: 3300 mAh with Dash charging feature (turbo charging).

Special features

The OnePlus 5 has several special features

— For OnePlus 5 the big focus is on the camera performance. OnePlus says that the F1.7 lens in the main camera in the OnePlus 5 helps it click better images in low light. OnePlus also uses a lot of software algorithm to make the photos noise-free in low light. Then there is the telephoto lens, which offers 2X zoom. 

Finally, there is the portrait mode, similar to what we earlier saw in the iPhone 7 Plus. It uses data from both cameras to click photos where background is very blurry and smooth, similar to what you get with many DSLR cameras.

— The OnePlus 5 has a fingerprint sensor on the front.

— The OnePlus 5 has a number of unique software features. The most notable among these are features like reading mode, which makes the white look warmer on the screen so that your eyes don’t tire, ability to choose on-screen or off-screen navigation buttons, and features like ability to swap the position of back and menu button.

— The OnePlus 5 measures 7.3mm and has an all-metal design complete with antenna lines that are hidden in edges. The result is a phone that is elegant, minimalist and premium looking.

— The OnePlus 5 comes with a physical key that helps users toggle between silent and other modes. A similar button was also inside the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T.

— The OnePlus comes with an improved Dash charging. Full day’s power in half an hour, says OnePlus.

— The AMOLED display means OnePlus 5 is capable of showing some brilliant colours.

— The OnePlus 5 supports Type-C connector, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi AC, over 30 network bands used across the world and dual-SIM card connectivity.

How to buy it: The OnePlus 5 will go on sale as from June 22.

Price: The OnePlus 5 has a starting price of $479 in the global market.

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