Old men are better for marriage – Blessing Ofoegbu

Old men are better for marriage - Blessing Ofoegbu kikiotolu

While many are still hitting out at Regina Daniels over her marriage to Ned Nwoko, actress Blessing Ofoegbu, has come out in her defense.

According to her, old men are better in marriage than young men, and she sure did give her reason for it.

During an interview, she said;

“I don’t really bother myself over this Regina Daniels’ marriage brouhaha. However, everybody knows what they want in life. If Regina is happy and in love with Ned, let him carry on in good faith. I hope the man feels likewise. In life, we all deserve to be happy.

“Come to think of it, age doesn’t really count. Ladies no longer have a thing for young men, because they can’t keep one woman. They are worst. They don’t have human feelings any more. These men always jump from one slay queen to another. So, I don’t blame girls who go for older men that will give them happiness and true love. If I see the opportunity, I don’t mind, as long as I am happy in the relationship.”

Blessing Ofoegbu also spoke on her career during the interview, speaking on her progress, she said;

“Well, let me be specific now. Thank God for my career. My moves in the industry is getting bigger.
No regrets at all because in life we are bound to make mistakes.

The ability for us to learn from that mistake and move boldly is what matters. Our mistakes help to build us.
For the rest part of 2019, I plan is to be more focused and hardworking in my life and career.”

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