2018 NYSC Batch A Stream 2: Complete list of all orientation camp requirements

Very soon the NYSC 2018 Batch A Stream 2 set are going to be printing their call-up letters and travelling to an unknown land for the mandatory 21 days orientation exercise. It is very necessary that you are fully prepared and have all you might be needing during the 21 day camping period. Here is a post which is going to give you details on all you are going to need in camp. From the basic requirements for registration on camp, to your day to day needs, this post is set to cover all that fully.

2018 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Complete list of all orientation camp requirements kikitolu blog

Like I said earlier we are going to segment your camping needs into your orientation camp registration requirements, and your day to day needs. Here we go…..

List of items you are going to need for the 2018 NYSC Batch A orientation camp registration

On getting to camp after dropping your bags you are going to be required to go through a registration process. This is the first thing you are going to do on camp and it is until you have completed your registration that you are going to get your kits and meal ticket (never underrate the meal ticket). Below are the list of things you are going to need to be fully registered on camp.

  • Your Green Card (the slip you printed after registration)
  • Your Call-up letter
  • Final year ID Card (if you have been issued a certificate by your institution then that would replace the ID card)
  • Statement of result (for those who don’t have certificate)
  • Certificates/ Licences For Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists
  • Passport Photographs (max of 5 needed but you can hold 10 in case one gets missing)
  • Photocopies of documents (5 per document)
  • A clear bag (to keep your documents neat)
  • Your BVN number (make sure you have one and rectify any BVN issue before reporting to camp)
  • You are going to need a certificate of medical fitness from a government or millitary hospital

There you have it on your orientation camp registration requirements. You can now see that you dont really need a lot of documents. Let’s go into details of your day to day needs during the 21 day orientation camp.

  • Round necked white T-shirt – I advise you buy a 3in1 white round necked Polo T-Shirt.
  • Plain white shoe – Rubber white shoe would do cause it is easy to wash and maintain, you might not have time to wash the tennis white shoe.
  • White socks – Three pairs should do
  • Waist Pouch – This is now a basic need on camp due to cleptomaniacs
  • Basic needs – Towels, handkerchief, flashlight or rechargeable lamps, a pair of slippers, bed sheets, pillow cases, pillow, flask, cup.

You are also going to need some cash during your 21 days NYSC orientation camp. Though the amount depends on your pocket.

There you have it on this post “2018 NYSC Batch A Stream 2: Complete list of all orientation camp requirements.” Wish you a happy camping experience.



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