NPWW: How Ekiti Women can tap into Endless Opportunities

NPWW How Ekiti Women can tap into Endless Opportunities kikiotolu

The Nigerian Professional Working Women organization is a Non-Governmental Organisation with over one million women seeking greater opportunities to fulfill their professional and personal goals. The platform gives voice to professional women in various field of endeavor across Nigeria.

Ekiti is a state that prides in producing women who are forces to reckon with in several sectors of Nigeria’s economy. Women are key players in the development of the state in many ways namely; Agriculture, Law, Business as well as Social and Cultural practices.

Following the vision of the Administration of Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi to continually build the capacity of women through empowerment programmes, the NPWW is a platform perfectly in line to help groom professional working women in the state being the largest and most recognized network of female executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the Nigeria.

In achieving this, the NPWW offer programmes such as Seminars, Webinars, Advanced Educational Tool, Employment, Secured Loans and business exposure opportunities that will equip women of the state in achieving their goals.
Furthermore, the NPWW network will provide a platform for Ekiti women to showcase their businesses and provide exposure advantages for both professional and personal endeavors, while discovering endless opportunities to connect, grow, learn and inspire.

In addition, the women will equally receive Leadership training which is key to sustaining their professions and businesses and serve as a tool for continuous evaluation. These and more, will support the transformational projects of Governor Fayemi to further equip Ekiti State as key player in economic development in the South West region.

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