NLC 2 hours strike: Even Big Brother stood by his strike

NOTICE: This article was written in full compliance with the ‘hate speech bill’

Cartoon by: Mike Asukwo EB

Many Nigerians have been left bewildered by the decision of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to suspend its strike action against the Federal Government, barely three hours after it had began.

To make it more awkward to those who were looking to comply with the strike directive, they were still in their beds dreaming about a work free day when the strike action was ditched – for the betterment of the society.

According to the NLC, the decision was reached after an agreement was made with the Federal government.

Now let’s go into the technical jargons and the reasons the NLC gave for suspending the strike action.


Okay, I was tempted to add the full communique, and explanation on why the strike was suspended, and the perfectly laid road map….but hey, I won’t be doing that, it would be a perfect waste of space and your data (VAT inclusive)… so let’s stick with the brief below;

In brief;

  1. Fuel hikes remain (it is justified given the unending benefits of deregulation).
  2. Electricity tariff hike suspended for TWO WEEKS (they would sit and discuss why it is necessary and boom, we can enjoy the benefits that come with another hike).
  3. FG set to distribute more palliatives (good times are coming…after we all enjoyed the N2 trillion palliatives, more is coming to our doorsteps).

Some Nigerians are not pleased with the suspension of the strike action – I believe they make up the 5 percent of the country which makes it irrelevant.

That 5% – who are ill informed – accused the labour Union leaders of being bribed, adding that suspension of electricity tariff was just one demand out of many concerns raised by Nigerians. See some reactions below;

@Super_Spotter “Labour suspends strike after reaching an agreement with FG overnight! No surprises. My own is, of all the demands, FG only suspended the increase in electricity tariffs for 2 weeks. Nothing said about petrol. NLC didn’t even talk about the prolonged AsUU strike! We’re not ready.”

@Premadonnaviv “Two weeks reversal of electricity tariff hike isn’t enough to suspend the strike. We all know that the ‘palliatives’ the FG is offering is bullshit.What about fuel price? Most areas don’t even have stable electricity, we almost always rely on fuel for everything.”

@MFarees “Federal Government orders the halt in the electricity hike so that labour would suspend the strike, but ASUU has been on strike for almost 6 months now, and the FG ain’t saying nothing about it, because education is not their business, only Labour strike could affect them.”

@AdekolaDammy “NLC and TUC and those that went into that agreement to suspend the strike are enemies of the masses. Is the strike only about electricity tariff? We will surely by fuel for N200/litreWhy deregulate when refineries are not working? No wonder, we never believed in Labour.”

@AliyuAbumalik1 “The toothless Nigeria Labour Congress have decided to suspend the strike after striking a deceitful and insalubrious agreement with the Nigerian Government. And this is the beginning of the end for the masses in Nigeria.”

For me, it was a bit comical that many Nigerians expected the union to come to their aid, this is a union that has not been able to resist government anti-masses policy for years now.
It’s about time we realised that the organised labour is compromised, and won’t actually fight for the masses, rather use them as leverage to leach off the political elites….

Its yet another political party

So please remember, only Big Brother stands by his strike 🙄🙄🙄🙄