Nigerian Traditional Wedding outfits: Top Tiv bridal and groom pictures

Nigerian Traditional Wedding outfits: Top Tiv bridal and groom pictures kikiotolu

Here are the top Benue Tiv bridal and groom pictures for the year 2017. This compilation of Nigerian traditional wedding outfits is set to give you a view of the Tiv bridal and groom styles.

About the Tiv people

Tiv is an ethno-linguistic group or ethnic nation in West Africa, and is predominantly found in Nigeria and Cameroon. The Tiv people have are approximately 6 million. The Tiv language is spoken by about 7 million people in Nigeria, and are the 4th largest ethnic group in tbe country. Though the Tiv language is widely spoken in Benue State of Nigeria, it is also also spoken in the Nigerian States of Plateau, Taraba, Nasarawa, the cross rivers and as well as the FCT Abuja.

Let’s now move onto the main purpose of this article, which is the compilation of Tiv bridal and groom outfit pictures.

For the purpose of this post, we have compiled the top 10 Benue Tiv groom and bridal outfit.

This post of the Tiv Nigerian traditional wedding outfit is compiled to help those who are intending to marry soon. This is going to give them a clear idea on how to dress for the ceremony.

Just like every tribe in Nigeria, the Tiv people have special marriage rites and traditions, which is very colourful. The dressing of both the bride and groom is unique on this day.

Check them out below.

A tiv bride and groom collage picture

Tiv bride and groom dazzling in this lovely traditional outfit

A tiv bride in beads and lace wedding picture

Tiv woman marries white man and they appear in traditional regalia

A tiv bride in black and white stripped traditional wear

Beautiful tiv bride with lovely artwork on hand

Tiv bride and groom cutting nigerian traditional wedding cake

A Benue Tive bride and groom in full traditional attire

Benue Tiv bride and groom white and black

Tiv bride and groom all loved up and dressed up

There you have it on this post “Nigerian Traditional Wedding outfits: Top Tiv bridal and groom pictures.” I hopw you enjoyed it.

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