Nigerian singer, Kelly Hansome calls out his baby mama for taking their daughter to meet men in hotels

Popular Nigerian Singer, Kelly Handsome, has taken to his social media page to call out his babymama and accuse her of destroying his daughter’s life.

Kelly Handsome made a video and he disclosed that his baby mama takes his daughter to hotels to have $ex and also allows her dance to inappropriate music.

In the video, the ‘maga don pay’ singer said ;

“Let me just say this please, I do not want anyone to put their mouths into what’s going on between me and my daughter… “The mama dey carry dey go hotel dey go f#ck, dancing stupid song she ain’t supposed to dance as a young kid, I gave her a phone over a year ago, I haven’t spoken to my daughter because you took the phone, and you are telling people that I don’t want to talk to my daughter, so you are just trying to set me up telling lies everywhere to tarnish my image. You planned with evil people to kill my career. All the tapes of your confessions of how you spoilt my promoters, your friends.. I have all the confessions.

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