Nigerian Poetry: Yewande by Olajide Titilayo

Nigerian Poetry_ Yewande by Olajide Titilayo kikiotolu

Yewande My love

I dream of the day I’d finally lay beside you

And inside you

Every minute i catch myself fantasizing about different ways to make you scream

Oh you daughter of Eve

Driving me crazy every eve

The days i see you walk by is a feat

With your swinging hips and bouncing boobs,

And waist as tiny as the trunk of a gourd with a backside like that of a round bottom flask…

That alone is enough to make me hard as stone

Pity you’re oblivious to the attentions of your stalker my love,

If not you’d be honoured at how tall my cock stands in awe of you.

I remember walking by the stream the other night,

Only to see the unbelievable.

Yewande, naked as the day was born

Spread out on the sand with her hands between her legs,

And her dark skin glistening in the moonlight,

Oblivious to the world around her,

It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen.

If only i could capture this moment forever, was my thought

As i put my hands into my breeches to finish what her actions had started on my body

…she was pumping her fingers in and out,

And i was pumping my cock up and down

From my vantage point, i could see she was almost finished

And so i continued faster, so we would catch our release together

Her jiggling breasts was what did me in,

As we both came crashing hard in a wave of raw pleasure,

The wind carried her moans high pasts the trees,

As i grunted my release as quietly as possible.

Yewande suddenly shot up and looked in my direction

I stood perfectly still in my hiding spot,

And then she laid back down with a coy smile on her face.

I cleaned myself up with some leaves in the bushes and quietly walked away with a triumphant smile on my face.

Yewande and I definitely had a date, at the same time and place tomorrow…

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