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Nigerian Poetry: We Are The Lazy Ones by A.B. Ikus

Nigerian Poetry_ We Are The Lazy Ones by A.B. Ikus kikiotolu

We Are The Lazy Ones by A.B. Ikus

Life to us we never take easy
Switching walks of life to make ends meet
Nooks and crannies like rats we ransack
And hard labour gives us our daily bread.

We roar like lions chasing off crowd
For a chickenfeed you make us political thugs
In your political jingoism we are the steps
But in its monetary benefits we become gatecrashers.

We are the lazy ones who never rest
We are neither birds nor amphibians
But we sweat profusely searching for our nest
Like efforts in futility we often bag all to no avail.

Light to a western path we all queue to get
Believing it is the master key of our success
This we could not afford still we are getting it
And despite setbacks we still sail it through
But the master key is now active only in our dreamworld.

In us there comes frustration
With pessimistic views of the future some conform
Their goals turn do or die
And frivolously they give up morality

Like angry birds some fly off the land
Like an hungry man many angrily stay
Looking like a watchdog some are hopeful
And like commercial vehicles we double our hustle
But under this canopy we are still roofless.

We are the good and its rivals
We work hard but remain idle
We never rest but we sleep all days
We are the jobless ones who work all days
Because we are the lazy ones who never rest.

©A.B. Ikus. (09:28 20/04/2018)

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