Nigerian Poetry Things We Left Behind As Boys kikiotolu

Nigerian Poetry: Things We Left Behind As Boys

Nigerian Poetry Things We Left Behind As Boys kikiotolu

There are those things that left our bodies when we were younger flying innocently…
Those bridges of pretentious smile that we took to our mother’s dimples to collect glories.

Those magic tears that once sliced loneliness off our shouldering lips,
Those bite and bite of unwanted hunger that beat us in the presence of our parents…
There are masquerade of innocent thoughts
Masquerade of shattered dreams at dusk,
Masquerade of fears that tortured us at dawn!
Those desks of forgotten hope in you.
We tried to gather ourselves together to bring the sun home to our flammable insight.

We tried to build the jungle on the palms of our forefathers…
We told our friends that our parents possess a lion at home,
We scared our enemies with the legging empire of our scattered home.
Those were the phases we left drifting into adulthood in pains.
We forgot our tattered thoughts climaxing into an orbiting wants and needs.

We papered the drive to become a better person.

We took our hand bags and put them in the air like nothing would pull it down.
Under the rain, we sang of Africa and the world
We demonstrated the right of humanity and love.
Those bridges burnt down gradually as we traveled
From childhood to adulthood.

As we journey with a thinking umbrella that will protect us from the sun tomorrow.

Those are the things I keep remembering now.

The song we sang under the rain…
The snails we picked in the night with a strange lamp we stole from a neighbour.
The girls we touched their nipples and killed them with shyness.

The boys we sent away from home that never returned!
The fishes we trapped under the small water we made their home.

The blind village beggars we stole their money in the dark…
They are those things we left behind as we walked into adulthood with laughter of hyenas pains.!

©John Chizoba Vincent

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