Nigerian Poetry: Inchoate by Opeyemi Joe

Nigerian Poetry Inchoate by Opeyemi Joe kikiotolu

Nothing comes fully gendered
Not the sky nor the earth
And not even the whole universe
In whose bowel swirl countless stars
One of which is ours.

I say, nothing comes wholly made
Not heaven nor the angels
Nor the devil and demons and hell
And not the deities even are perfect
If not, why do we change them?

Sanponna who was pox is more
So also is Sobiya, the guinea worm
But in their groves rear new and dreadful goddesses
HIV strains, Cancers,…,binary Hepatitis;

The fathers, who-know-us-in-the-world
They say, nothing here is final
And good and evil walk together veiled
But that day evil is seen it must be interred,

And you, Son, say this grace:
I am the child of water
Water is ease, the ease of snail
O ye world lodgers
Put me not in the net of pain
For prolonged pain is pure evil.

This Nigerian Poetry titled Inchoate was written by Opeyemi Joe, I hope you enjoyed it.

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