Nigerian Poetry: Festival of Shame by Wole Olubanji

Festival of Shame is a powerful Nigerian poetry written by Wole Olubanji. Enjoy.

Nigerian Poetry Festival of Shame by Wole Olubanji kikiotolu

From their stricken huts and rugged slumland
The fireworks of this festival lighten our mood
Walling away the dastard truth of our existence
Numbed to the hunger that’s now in vogue
Resigned are the jobless that sap all vigour
Amoral are the hypocrites that swell our race
We all look on like the blind and our future
Being dressed up, tabled for auction

From the snowed rooms of our idols,
Co-owners of this sugar-cane plantation
Planting pains and stifes, reaping sweets and cash
News came of that fight over the key
To the doors of jail and drudgery of slavery
Among our plantation patron-saints
We built shrines of prayer, cult of followers
To back the favorite saint to win

When our little girls shall ask
And our sons, brimming with curiosity,
They too shall ask, the reason behind our high
Our scars we shall stare, their sores
Our gaze should meet, memories of the time we lost
Rejecting to be the heroes we sought
shall drown our souls as we hailed our whips

Finally to the darkness we head
From whence light emerges from the path of nigh
For the newborns to see and live anew

Wole Olubanji
September 2018

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