Who Is The New President Of Zimbabwe? Meet Emmerson Mnangagwa, The Man Set To Replace Mugabe As President

Here is a Fabinfos post which is going to give you all you need to know about the man largely tipped to become the next President of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe has resigned from his post as President of Zimbabwe (though after an impeachment process was started), and this move by the 93-year-old has brought nationwide celebration in the South African country. This brings an end to his 37 year rule of Zimbabwe

So who is going to take over the helm of affairs after Mugabe is gone. Many people around the world want to know more about the man who is poised to take over from Mugabe.

Who is Emmerson Mnangagwa? Meet the next President of Zimbabwe

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former Zimbabwean vice president, who was sacked by Robert Mugabe, would be sworn in as the new president today to replace Mr. Mugabe who resigned on Tuesday afternoon after 37-years in office.

The 75-year-old was removed from office and exiled 13 days after Mugabe accused him of disloyalty and insubordination. Mugabe had reportedly taken the action to pave way for his wife, Grace, to emerge as the new leader of ruling Zanu-PF ahead of the country’s general election next year.

Mnangagwa is said to be popular amongst the powerful War Veterans group and the Zimbabwean military chiefs and he’ll over see a democratic election come 2018.

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