Why we need to stop seeing cultist as our brothers but the demons they truly are

Here are reasons why we should stop seeing members of secret cult groups as brothers, but as the demons they truly are.

One of the toughest thing for a sociable Nigerian university student is to avoid cultist. If he/she is not a member of a cult group, there is the chance that a friend is. And little did we know that we are causing more danger than good to our society at large.

Am not a cultist, have never been one, but I know lot of cultist and we rock.

The spate of blood shedding activities by cult group members in Nigeria is alarming, and the recent killings at the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti (EKSU), is a grim reminder.

The bold truth is there is nothing POSITIVE cult groups have to offer our society, so the big question is, WHY DO WE HARBOR THEM?

A Graduate of Electrical/Electronics Department of the Faculty of Engineering
I am not a cultist, I have never been a part of any cult activities.
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I salute the courage of present and past students of EKSU who have taken to social media to denounce association with cult groups, but is that enough to end this menace?

What we need is ZERO tolerance to cult groups and members of this evil confraternity (Zero in this context is literal), We can’t keep on harboring this monsters who are no goods to us, we need to rise to this challenge, so our children and those in the next generation can live a better life. If not we risk being remembered in history as failed people.

Cult groups began in Nigerian universities in a more refined manner, but today, their activities are barbaric and unacceptable.

They have in recent years expanded fast, become bolder, and gradually becoming a societal norm. They have been left largely unchecked by the security agencies thus operating in such ways that they cannot be described as a ‘secret cult’ any longer but a cult group.

Did you know that there was a time when cult groups could no longer breed in Nigerian universities, and were forced to migrate to the communities?

In the late 1990’s there was a nationwide renouncement of cultism by university students and the breakdown of traditional campus cults all over the country. This led to migration of cultists from the campuses to residential neighbourhoods and streets as campuses were no longer a safe haven for them. Though, incompetence of security officials and inadequate facilities to police campuses led to the resurgence of cultism in the campuses.


The sort of renouncement that occurred in the late 1990’s is what we need today, and we just don’t need to restrict ourselves to the university campuses, but the society at large. We don’t need to only sit on social media, but also mobilize ourselves on the streets.

In truth, cultism is just one of the many things that are wrong in Nigeria today, from the glorification of internet fraud, the maniac politicians, the randy lecturers, the botched judiciary, and even the rate of ritual killings. We might not be blamed for believing Frank Miller’s Sin City is a better place to be. But this should only be seen as a challenge, life is full of challenges and we can make Nigeria a better place by shunning the vices in our society, and a good start is ZERO tolerance to cultism.


Ayeni Tolulope©

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