Introducing ‘NACC WORLD’ – Nigerian top wholesale distributors

Introducing 'NACC WORLD' - Nigerian top wholesale distributors kikiotolu 2

NACC WORLD is a one stop online store for your fashion accessories, bags, shoes, materials (scuba, chiffon, crepe, laser lace, etc), shirts, sneaker and household items.

Here at NACC WORLD, we bring you items at competitive prices and also offer a wide range of services which includes bulk buying (Wholeslaes) and drop shipping.

Do you go through the stress of waiting for your goods to arrive or probably face the problem of a particular good you ordered for has flooded the market? Do you face logistics or customs issues? Do your goods get missing in transit?

Introducing 'NACC WORLD' - Nigerian top wholesale distributors kikiotolu 1

If your answer to those questions are YES, then you’re at the right place, with contact with bulk buyers from china, we can easily buy from them while they go through the stress and sell when the goods are still hot in the market and make a good deal.

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NACC WORLD also offers Drop shipping services

Drop shipping is the trade acting as an agent to a business. Here, you don’t need capital to be a drop shipper, all you need is your phone and an internet connection. You post items we sell at your own rate and once you get an order, we’ll deliver to your customers without your customer knowing where the goods came from.

Introducing 'NACC WORLD' - Nigerian top wholesale distributors kikiotolu

Isn’t this nice? At NACC WORLD, we are all about you making money and still be at your comfort zone.

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Or call +2348104980241

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