N-Power 2017 application assessment test login – apply.npower.gov.ng/test/login

Here is the 2017 N-Power application assessment test login page. To sit for this test you need to visit the test portal on https://apply.npower.gov.ng/test/login/index.php .

Looking for the step by step guide on how to take the 2017 N-Power assessment test, then you are on the right page.

On Fabinfos, we have given you full info on how to apply for the 2017 N-Power job, the Npower shortlisted candidiates, NPower Online Recruitment Aptitude Test Preparation Questions & Answer. We are now set to give you info on how to sit for this test with ease.

Npower Recruitment 2017/2018 Assessment Test Login Portal

Npower recruitment 2017/2018 assessment test portal is still open for applicants that have not taken their test, so if you are yet to sit for your test, don’t lose hope.

Steps to Take Npower Recruitment 2017/2018 Assessment Test

Follow the steps below to take your Npower recruitment assessment test on the official portal.

  • Log on to the official N-Power assessment portal by visiting https://apply.npower.gov.ng/test/login/index.php
  • Input your phone number and BVN
  • Click the login button to proceed to your dashboard.
  • Once on your dashboard, read the instructions carefully
  • Move on to the question and provide the answers.
  • Once you are done answering the questions, click the finish button to submit all your answers.

Please Note: You need to be aware that you have a time frame to answer the Npower 2017 application assessment test questions. Please ensure you provide accurate answers within the given time frame.

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There you have it on this post “N-Power 2017 application assessment test login – apply.npower.gov.ng/test/login.” I hope you found this piece helpful.


  1. my name is Babade Eunice Tosin, am apply for this employment as health assistant medical and I did not see message to sit for the exam, how can I sit for the exam please.

    1. Sorry about the late reply, if you are sure you submitted the correct details during registration then you are going to get your reply. Please disregard the image you might have seen stating a timetable for the test. The only time frame by the N-Power is 1st to 31st of July 2017. Some people are still registering as we speak. So just wait for your message.

  2. Please I’m yet to get a message from npower. How do I know if I’m eligible? What is the time for test for npower health?

  3. I am unable to gain access to write my assessment test on Npower.and no message received yet. Please admin assist. Thanks

    1. You need to get the SMS before you can login for the test.

      The test is still ongoing and is going to end on the 31st of July 2017. Kindly wait till you get the SMS.

      And are you sure your registration details match your BVN details.

  4. Please what help can you render to those people that their bvn did not match.maybe i should resend my bvn,acct name and bank acct.

  5. Please what help can you render to those people that their bvn did not match.maybe i should resend my bvn,acct name and bank acct.

  6. Please my name is Dick Gift C. I applied for NpowerAgro. I have been trying to write my test for the past two days now, all they are telling me is invalid login. My bvn and phone number are all correct. But each time i try login in they keep on saying invalid login. What do i do?

    1. You need to receive the confirmation SMS before you can login for the test. The “invalid login” error message is because N-Power is still yet to activate your test page.

    1. Verify your BVN details with your bank, and make sure your Last name, First name, and middle name given to N-Power matches that on the BVN.

    1. Just like I said earlier, not everyone that applied has received a confirmation SMS from N-Power. There are still some N-health applicants pending till date.

    1. Wait patiently for the message. Don’t panic based on the timetable you saw online. The test is to hold between 1st to 31st of July 2017.

  7. Good morning Admin, pls wanna know my status concerning writing screening test today, because am yet 2 receive confirmation message from N-Power. secondly during my registration cos surname was not specified, I wrote my surname under first name, 1st name under middle name and middle name under last name, pls am l still on d right track Sir/Ma?

    1. Wait till you receive your confirmation sms. You can also try logging in to the test portal if it going to work out. The error might later affect you on acceptance of your application for payment. Your name gonna be different from what is on ur certificates.

  8. Please i can’t really remember how my name was arranged in my BVN but on my registration paper is Helen Isah, and i haven’t received any message in respect to Npower, please am i still on the right track?

    1. Your Last name is your surname, while your First name is the one that precedes the last name.. If you got that correctly then you are on the right track.

  9. i applied for agro, and i have not yet received an sms? also base on the timetable for the test i have tried several times to login but the message it gives back is invalid login

  10. I applied for ntax,am yet to received SMS and the date has passed. What is my faith, am I still going to be considered?

  11. I applied for N-Teach,since middle of last month (June) till now I haven’t received any text message. Please help. Thanks

  12. Good Morning, Please i apply for N-Tax since on the 18/06/2017 and i have not yet see any SMS text from N-power, and I saw some test time schedule in the net that do for the N-Tax is from 1st – 3rd of July 2017. should we still be waiting for the text massage or i should re-register again?

  13. I haven’t received any message nd my test is 12th dats 2day I loged in d site for d test after imputing my phone number nd bvn number as required in d test log in page it’s not opening are been trying even until now it’s still not opening. What do I do?

  14. Hello admin I have Bsc Microbiology and I applied for npower n-health but I have not received any text up till now.Meanwhile I registered my name according to what I have on the BVN.
    Besides I applied for this npower program in 2016 I wrote the test.I picked the correct options but when the list was released my name was not shortlisted. And if the program is truely for unemployed Nigerian youths.Why are treating people the way you are doing again this time Please help.

  15. Good evening admin my name is Adeniran Bosede Mary, I applied for nteach n-power program in June 2017,but up till now I have not receive any text message. Please what is going on ? Please help o.

  16. I have been trying to log into the test site but it’s not going although I have not received any message. Please help me out

    1. According to N-Power those who signed up with correct info are surely going to get the SMS. There is no time frame yet

  17. Pls I have a serious problem my bvn name nd my registration name did not correspond cause my result has my Parents name while bvn my husband name how do I change it pls I need help.

  18. Pls on my wife’s registration under middle name I wrote O. Instead of “Orahachi” I hope this will not affect her bvn verification?
    I suppose to write:
    Abdulrahaman Orahachi Mariam but I wrote:
    Abdulrahaman O. Mariam
    Hope this will not affect my bvn verification? Thanks

  19. Sir, gud evenin, my first name is zepheniah, u know bvn start with surname and npower start with first name, so i hope u can sort it out.


  21. The Admin,good afternoon sir,pls I have Bsc Microbiolgy and I have applied for npower n-health in June 2017 but I have not gotten any text message yet. Please what is going on.Pls help oo

  22. please sir/madam when will nteach going to have exam? I apply for nteach but till to day I have not hear nor received any test msg or email please help me out

    1. N-TEACH is betwwen July 11th – July 21st.
      Also, applicants who registered between July 1st – July 13th will write their assessment tests between July 25th – July 31st.

  23. Pls apply for npower agro I have no received SMS and my friend I help to rrgistrate in tax have wrote is his own.pls what is d problem?

  24. please sir, i applied for N-Teach since June 21st and all my details are in order and i have not received sms till now. what do i do? please advise

    1. Keep Calm Madam. You will surely receive your confirmation sms. Most of the Npower applicants appiled for N-Teach thats why there is delay in sending some confirmation messages. They are doing it in batches.

  25. good morning Sir/madam..pls I don’t know how my name is arranged in my BVN but what I used for my N-power registration is Elom Chinenye Lilian… pls how do I know when my exam date commence?

  26. I applied for npower-teach since June 15th till now I have not received text message from npower and my details are correct,please help.

  27. Good Afternoon Admin, my name is Ezeugwu Kelvin O. i was suppose to write my test on NTeach today based on information i received from a friend. but up till now i have not receive any text message from n power. please, what can i do?

  28. The admin,good afternoon,you are well done sir,Please my name is OLUWABAMIYO OLALEKAN,I registered for n-power tax in June 2017,but up till now I have not receive any SMS.Should I till be expecting the text message or should go and re-register.Please I need your advice on this.Please help oo.

  29. Good evening Sir/Madam, my name is Dim Lryira Dim, i apply for N-Agro and i have not receive a message so that i can write the test, i have HND in Estate Management,and i have been try to login but no access, please what is the way forward.

  30. I received d text n can’t login,Hw long will I wait ,hope it will not expire or sometin like dat,I received it yesterday afternoon

  31. ng sir, I got the text yesterday by 10:40pm and since then I have been trying to login for the test but is invalid, what do I do pls

  32. I got a text message yesterday 17/7/2017 to proceed for the Assessment Test under N-Health. Please when is the date for N-Health test?

  33. please does it mean that if you did not get the name exactly as it is in bank’s BVN data even if all your names and BVN number are correct that means you are not qualified and will not be selected neither receive any notification?

  34. Admin pls help o, i registered for npowerhealth, and have not seen any message till now ,pls what can i do

  35. i applied for npower teach and i want to do the test since some days ago no way, is not open, and no any test msg from any where. what nest please?

  36. Goodday admin, my name is momodu gift, i registered n-power under health since june, i am yet to receive n-power sms please can i go ahead to sit for the test?

  37. for those that were able to login successful but they didn’t see test . Hope there won’t be any problems later

  38. Still up to now am not seen any TeX am apply for tech that means am not among the teachers ?pls help sir

  39. I Abioye David have register since on Npower Agro but have not see any sms, and unable to login, what should i do? Or should i still have hope. Thanks

  40. I wrote my exam and my grade is upper credit due to network problems I don’t know when I tick lower credit wat should I do

  41. pls. I received a message since Sunday, but i put my phn no and BVN correctly and it not log up to date. pls help me

  42. pls. I received a message since Sunday, but i put my phn no and BVN correctly and it not log up to date. pls help me. 08068875650

  43. I applied for the n power teach on 23rd June 2017 till now I have not receive any text message for the test,what will I do?

  44. Hello… pls I’m on my page now and I’ve tried clicking on the attempt quiz several times but no questions are popping up to fill.. what could be the likely cause?

  45. I am yet to receive an sms for N power teach. I registered with my father’s name which is also in my educational certificates but my Bank BVN bears my husband’s name. pls am I qualified.

  46. Please, my first name is Abubakar. Middle name is BABA Tunde and Surname is Hassan. My BVN is 22204111463 I couldn’t log in for the test. What can I do?

  47. pls can log in and i applied to TAX. I registered normally with my BVM and phone number.
    my details are
    PHONE: 07033719178
    pls. what do i do since i did not go for the test?
    thank you.

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