Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 3


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Third term was here been the last term and the most timid of all student where struggling to get things together especially those that didn’t make up for other term started working harder and even the teachers too were really busy with teaching i on the other hand i don’t really have a problem because my result was outstanding in the previous exam being done things were going smoothly my relationship with sarah was rolling well, we study together move together do everything together, even the other student were calling us husband and wife, i was really happy first test and second test went alright and all my assignment same as her………………………

Now even my parent knew her and they liked her so she was free to come over to my place so we do most of our assignment together and sometimes she eats at our place but one day two car drove in it was her dad they went straight to the principals office then after like 30 min i was been summoned to the office when i entered i saw sarah crying and the principal with a very stern face, sarah dad was huge and tall but has pot belly he also wore a stern face then he asked gentleman are you zeus Joshua i said yes then he warned me whenever he sees me around his daughter again he would surely skin me alive then he stood up had an hand shake with the principal and left the office i stood with my councillor and the principal which they also warned me and then i was dismissed to my class I was in the class pondering about what to do sarah on the other hand i couldn’t leave her then the dad again was powerful in the society i never knew what to do i was so confused since then i started avoiding her so to avert problems away from my self.

But sarah wasn’t still helping matters but i warned her about her dad but she said he was just blabbing that very soon he would be travelling aboard and we will be together again so no cause for alarm.

So i was happy we continued and continued our normal life style until one day i remembered a senior in the school he was in ss2 i never knew he has been noticing us and his mind was that he like sarah his name is ken, he usually punish me alot but i don’t know why.

We finished the last term and he was now given the head boy of the school then he now had veto power since then i have been seeing him around sarah but who am i to question him i was just in ss2 i was the best student of the year and sarah her self has changed towards me, she doesn’t go home with me any more she does not visit me any more whenever i ask her she would say its because of her dad but i usually see her and ken together and this made me confused though i was growing this act of jealousy towards her but i just stand down to know her mind setwhen the day of bekoning came some drastic happened in the school that blew me off my feet.

What really happened?????

We resumed the first term and then it was a new session of rivalry dispute between i and the head boy, i was getting less attention from sarah, rather she has been seen with the head boy all around the school i asked her series of questions but she was like nothing, thats how we continued until one day when we were on break i walked up to her and told her that we should go to the libary and read since the test is just 2 days to go then she said we not of category that i should look for someone to roll with that she is a big girl and i am small to her that she just needed me to help her pass and she has gotten what she wanted then she turned around with one devilish smile with her friends all making jest of me and called me a funny name prof the helper and they walked majestically and went immediately it looks as if the ground should just open up and swallow me i felt embarrassed then i went to the class i was down for the whole of the term i thought of my self of becoming a looser and when the result of that term came out i have dropped to 4th position even my teachers were wondering what could have led to such drop in my result, some said i was now being too playful some said i am begin to roll with bad gang but i just said to my self this will never repeat it self again.

We resumed 2nd term i had no friends but foes i don’t usually talk with any body except my best friend micheal i did all mythings myself, sarah at the other hand was enjoying life with the head boy all was cool with them she thought i would be jealous but i never even gave her a shrink of my smile or attention it was just me,the 2nd term exam came and all of us received our result i was overall first and best in my class and the whole ss2, sarah had drop to 10th, that on the other hand i learnt she fell for the headboy just because he promised her the role of a prefect in the school but she never knew the head boy was just flirting with her i continued till 3rd term then it was time to nominate the new set of prefect my name was among infact i was shortlisted for the head boy sarah name wasnt among, then we had our exam and i became the overall best again my teachers were happy during the award day i was given best in maths, English, commerce and the overall best student in ss2 also the most well behaved in the school for that year.

During our v.s something happened we were all on the dance floor when henry left with the head girl to one empty class they had S£x then sarah caught them and instead of henry to appologise to her he made jest of her and called her a LovePeddler after all he had enjoyed her well that she should go back to her smally boy, she ran out in tears and sat amongst her peers, they were all begging her and sympathizing with her and hurling abusive words on henry who cares, do i, i just sat with my guys gisting playing laffing at student and teachers who doesn’t know how to dance having fun….

Not until when our result was out i was promoted to ss3 and also made the head boy of the school while she failed and was demoted and she had to repeat the class, that was when she started having shame though i was happy, all her friends were all promoted and now dey neglected her due to the fact of seniority, then she felt dejected but me i no send i stil maintain my stand then all the girls in ss3 were all after me to help then out some wrote different letters sent with gift some would send the junior student because they are shy but i maintained my stand and never even gave any one faces only the guys my friend micheal on the other hand was my assistance and was also 2nd overall best.

I felt like a champion until waec finally came we did the waec and neco on our v.s every body was sitted even including sarah when it was announced the best student of the year and also won a scholarship to study his favourite course at university of lagos zeus Joshua and micheal agbonsi, when we stood up to the podium we were all given a standing ovation i was glad i made it through felt like an unbeatable lion.

I had my remarks and the party started rolling then while dancing with my cliques a hand touched me when i looked back i was surprised at who i saw………. guess who??????

To be Continued…..