Must Read: 7 Things Every Nigerian Man Should Achieve Before Age 30

Must Read: 7 Things Every Man Should Achieve Before Age 30

In this post we are going to be sharing with the top 7 things a 30 year old man should have achieved at that point in his life.

Check them out below;

1. Be Matured: Though maturity is not an age thing, as I have met matured teens, but if a 30 year old guy isn’t matured; then he’s on his way to multiple failures on all front.

2. Be in a serious relationship: It is normal for most Nigerian guys to be testing the waters in terms of relationship in their 20s, but at age 30, if you are not married, then you should be in a serious relationship and getting ready to settle down soon.

3. Be Educated (formal or informal): He should have attained his first degree or should have graduated as a qualified artisan in his chosen field.

4. Have a Home of his own (rented, brought or built): A 30 year old man is not expected to be living with his parents and feeding on their pot. I wonder when such a guy is going to grow up.

5. Have a paying job or business: We all know the roles men pay in our society, so at age 30, it is expected of him to have a paying job, or he should be in business, doing good for himself and family.

6. Be responsible: He should be responsible and live a responsible lifestyle. He is no longer a boy.

7. Be Independent: A Nigerian man at age 30 should take his decisions (with or without advice).

There you have it on this post “Must Read: 7 Things Every Nigerian Man Should Achieve Before Age 30.” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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