Motivational: Don’t Give Up Till You Win In Life

Don’t Give Up Till You Win In Life

Life’s is full of ups and downs, but what makes the great stand out is their resilience and stubbornness.

This Goal by Cristiano Ronaldo has been appreciated by many, but what many forget is the number of times he failed to pull off the wonder goal, before this success.

As a Barcelona fan, I have seen Ronaldo try in futility to score the Overhead kick in the El Clasico more than once.

But hey, he didn’t sulk, and swear never to try again.

He didn’t give up and sheepishly admit that he is never going to be good at it.

No he went back and kept on trying till the day the world rose to salute him.

That stubbornness and never give up attitude is what makes the great.

The world of those great men you see today didn’t end when they failed.

The greats pick themselves up and try again TILL THEY WIN.

I want you to never give up till you win. SEE YOU AT THE TOP.


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