Mother berates critics after photos of her 5-year-old daughter with a face full of heavy makeup went viral (video)

The Nigerian mother of the 5-year-old girl-child whose birthday photos were heavily criticized due to her wearing heavy makeup and swimwear has berated those that dropped ‘negative’ comments about her daughter.

After the pictures went viral, the mother was dragged by Nigerians showing displeasure at her inappropriate outfits, demanding that she should be allowed to be a child that she is.

The mother identified as Adewale Yetunde Adedeji defended her decision to wear heavy makeup for her daughter to celebrate her 5th birthday saying she has a right to do what she likes on her daughter as she birthed her with no one’s help.

Yetunde said knows Nigerians are frustrated but they should channel their frustration to President Buhari and not her or her daughter.

The mother of one told her critics to go and meet Buhari as she noted that they are frustrated

According to Yetunde, for her daughter’s 5th birthday, she went all out in celebrating by ensuring she was dressed in different outfits for her Photoshoot, from a swimwear outfit to pyjamas wear and a cultural outfit, while being heavily made up.

She also said critics are just helping her daughter named Okikiola Mitchel to gain fame.

See video below ;

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