I love dead bodies because they are humble – Mortuary staff

I love dead bodies because they are humble - Mortuary staff kikiotolu

A mortuary staff has revealed that he loves to work on dead bodies because they are humble unlike the living.

It is not weird to find a lot of people scared of dead bodies, there are also a lot of myths that usually want to keep us away from them, but this mortuary staff is an huge exemption.

57-year-old Ugandan man, Basil Enatu who has worked on dead bodies as a mortuary attendant for the past 32 years is one of those few men who don’t see anything wrong with working at the mortuary, and would choose it over any other job.

Well, a lot of us can’t even go near a mortuary.

Basil Enatu told Uganda’s Daily Monitor: “at the time when I used to drink a local brew, people would not want to share a drinking straw or calabash with me. I also noticed a scenario where a vendor had to wash the tube I used for taking the brew using hot water. People do not even want to share a pot or shake hands with me”

Despite the challenges he stated, he still loves being a mortuary attendant, for which reason he has done it for years without getting fed up. He added;

“I love working on bodies because they do not complain, do not fight, are humble, and are not trouble causers. After all, rich or poor, all are buried the same way by being lowered into the grave”.

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