MC Galaxy reveals he used to dance at funerals

MC Galaxy reveals he used to dance at funerals kikiotolu

Controversial Nigerian singer, MC Galaxy has revealed that he used to dance at funerals to earn a living before his big breakthrough came.

According to MC Galaxy the ‘Sekem’ dance has been with him for long, and he performed the move at burials and even in the market.

He made this known while speaking to Saturday Beats, he said:

“I used to be a comedian and a dancer; I used to dance everywhere, at burials, and even in the market. I have been doing the ‘Sekem’ dance at comedy clubs before I produced the song.

“I would still explore comedy by going into acting but I won’t do stand-up comedy again. Music pays me better than comedy. I have not really had challenges in my musical career; my first song was a hit.

My advice to young artists is that they should remain loyal to their helpers. Disloyalty is really affecting the up-and-coming artistes. They shouldn’t listen to other people’s opinions. None of them has ever been disloyal to me though.”

The singer has been in the middle of a controversy recently after revealing at he and Etinosa staged her going nude on his Instagram live.

In a fresh interview with HIP Tv, MC Galaxy said himself and the Etinosa planned that she would go naked on his IG live He said:

“I think I need to say the whole truth about this live video thing once and for all.

“The live video thing we planned it. I and Etinosa actually planned that stuff but I wasn’t happy the way the whole thing turned out to be on me alone.

“We planned it but we did not plan she would ”over naked” like that. She over did it when she came on live video.”

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