Man rejects marriage proposal from girlfriend in Warri


Man rejects marriage proposal from girlfriend in Warri kikiotolu

This is not something we love seeing, first of all, a lady proposing to her man in public, then he rejects the proposal.

We are used to seeing men propose to their lady, and also at times we see it not going according to plan.

But that doesn’t leave that much awkward feeling.

Well, this video is going viral and the reasons are obvious.

The obviously startled lady could be seen in the video begging the man and holding on to his legs while she held the ring in another hand. That is highly embarrassing for everyone involved.

The man was however persuaded by people around them to at least accept the ring, but he rejected the pleas vehemently for reasons best known to him.

Watch the video as posted by Laila Ijeoma below;

This just reminds us of the a recent story of a man that walked out his wedding reception and was saying I No do Again. Which you can watch HERE

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