Drug addiction: Lizzy transformation is going to melt your heart


The transformation of Lizzy (a former drug addict who was rescued by Pastor Tony Rapu) is surely going to melt your heart.

Drug addiction_ Lizzy transformation is going to melt your heart kikiotolu

Earlier this year, the story of Lizzy touched the hearts of many after she was recused by Pastor Tony Rapu. The young lady spoke in the video about her journey to addiction and how it has affected her life since then.

Lizzy transformation is going to melt your heart kikiotolu

On Fathers Day 2019, Tony Rapu shared new videos of the former drug addict who is still undergoing rehabilitation, and it was heart warming.

She now looks alive, healthy and fine. Lizzy also revealed in the video that she can now bake cakes, make slippers and also use the cutlery.

Drug addiction Lizzy transformation is going to melt your heart kikiotolu

Sharing the video in which Lizzy revealed that she can now bake cakes and also learnt new skills at the rehab center, Pastor Tony Rapu wrote:

Part 1 – The Story of Lizzy.

We first met 26-year-old Lizzy when we went to pick up Prince for his rehab. Lizzy and Prince had been begging together on the streets for many years. Her cry for help was so emotional, we went back for her. This was the beginning of her journey. We need to know the medical realities of drug addiction. Medicine has helped us understand addiction as an illness or disease that must be treated but medicals alone cannot replace the need for Jesus Christ. Some people do change but the transformation is difficult without Jesus.

Part 4 – Lunch with Lizzy.

Thanking God for Lizzy’s life. Her recovery speaks of freedom. It speaks of hope. It speaks of fresh possibilities. It means we no longer need to remain in the same cycle of sadness, despair, hopelessness, and confusion. It means that the dark nights don’t have to be a way of life. It means that in Christ we can find joy – real sustainable joy. And most importantly, we begin to remember why we are here. We remember that life has meaning and purpose.

Watch the videos below;

This is a wonderful job by the man of God and I am really pleased to see her get fully rehabilitated.

We can all remember when he first shared videos of Lizzy, he wrote back then:

We picked up Lizzy over the weekend. Here, she tells a bit of her story while awaiting our arrival at the joint she frequented in Ikeja. Lizzy tells about her upbringing, her addiction to crack cocaine and the depraved night life she lived to make money to pay the drug dealers.

She is currently undergoing her first stage of detox and rehabilitation in the long journey out of addiction. We hope and pray she returns to a normal and productive life afterwards.

Praying for Lizzy to come through detox and rehab successfully and by God’s grace find her way back to a normal life.

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