Liverpool fans assault Barcelona locals (Video) kikiotolu

Liverpool fans assault Barcelona locals (Video)

Liverpool fans were earlier today filmed pushing Barcelona local into fountain as six supporters arrested over hotel assault.

Liverpool fans assault Barcelona locals (Video) kikiotolu

Trouble brewed in the city ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final first leg. At least two videos surfaced on social media showing supporters shoving people into a fountain in the middle of the popular Placa Reial square.

Liverpool fans were also accused of throwing objects at authorities, which led to around 3,000 cans of beers being confiscated from sellers, according to Spanish newspaper Sport.

Liverpool fans assault Barcelona locals kikiotolu 2

Further incidents are alleged to have occurred in Barcelona throughout Tuesday, with Spanish press claiming six Liverpool supporters were arrested after the alleged assault of two hotel workers. The staff required medical treatment after the incident, with one reportedly suffering a broken nose.

Liverpool fans assault Barcelona locals kikiotolu 1

Liverpool CEO Peter Moore pleaded with Liverpool fans to behave. He tweeted:

‘We proudly sing that we’ve conquered all of Europe. But let’s treat this beautiful city with the respect that it deserves, and act in a manner that is befitting of LFC. ‘By all means have a good time, but we are Liverpool, and as such, let’s visit here with grace and humility.’

Watch video of the shocking moment below;

Liverpool fans have taken to social media to accuse the Spanish police of ‘hugely over-reacting’.

One supporter said:

‘They (Spanish police) looked like they wanted a reaction. None came. The restraint was commendable.

‘They were batoned (sic) up in crash helmets. We were enjoying a drink in a bar at the side. Everyone in (the) square was having a good time.

‘They rushed and batoned people for no reason. I would be shocked if I hadn’t seen Spanish policing of football before.’

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