List of Google/Alphabet Moonshot Projects – Complete list of Projects at the X – Factory

List of Google Alphabet Moonshot Projects kikiotolu

Here is the complete list of Google/Alphabet Moonshot projects at the X -Factory. If you are familiar with the the tech world then this should not be strange to you.

What is Google / Alphabet Moonshot Project

For the newbies, Google Moonshot Projects is the tech giant’s clear statement to the world that it wants to remain at the cutting edge of tech research.

House in a complex known as X, and headed by Astro Teller, the projects are all about exploring the limits of human innovation.

Below is the mission statement of X on its official website:

We’re a moonshot factory. Our mission is to invent and launch “moonshot” technologies that we hope could someday make the world a radically better place. We have a long way to go before we can fulfill this mission, so today it’s really an ambition.

For the record, Google Moonshot Projects was conceived in 2010 as Google X and the first ambitious project of the futuristic lab was the self-driving car. Am sure you must have heard a lot about that project.

Without any further delay, let’s go into the list of all Google Moonshot Projects.

Complete List of Alphabet / Google Moonshot Projects

  • Google Fiber – already in operation in 9 cities in the United States of America, it aims to provide high-speed Internet access in addition to cable TV services to subscribers.
  • Nest – plans to make smart devices and gadgets for the smart homes of the future. Nest is supposed to make IoT gadgets to be used in our homes.
  • Delivery drones – known as Project Wing , it is a futuristic project to use drones for courier services
  • Smart contact lenses – contact lenses that would act as a medical diagnostic tool to collect important health data of the wearer.
  • Smart Spoon – allows people with Parkinson’s disease, or people with similar symptoms, to eat without spilling the food
  • Energy kite – wind turbine designed like a kite that apparently produces more power than a traditional wind turbine and is far less expensive to make.
  • Project Loon – one of the signature projects of X. The basic concept aims to deliver high-speed Internet to the remotest areas of the world using balloons cycling above the earth’s atmosphere
  • Diagnostic Pills – the magnetic pills should be able to detect diseases like cancer in the human body.
  • Clinical Trials Wristband – this digital wearable should be able to track vitals signs like heart rhythm, body temperature, and pulse during important clinical trials.
  • Solar-powered drones – these huge drones, known collectively as Project Titan, are designed to fly non-stop for years and should be able to deliver high-speed Internet to remote regions
  • Robots – these are sophisticated military-grade robots being built by Boston Dynamics.
  • LinkNYC – already in operation in some parts of New York, it aims to provide free WiFi for New Yorkers
  • Baseline Study – this project is collecting genetic and molecular information from people to be used for research to detect heart diseases and cancers earlier.
  • Long-lasting batteries – to power our gadgets and devices for longer periods.
  • Google Genomics – for approximately $25 your genetic information would be stored in the clouds. It is hoped this would revolutionize medical research
  • Calico’s live longer project – an ambitious project aimed at reversing death or making people love longer
  • DeepMind – artificial intelligence research section of Google Moonshot Projects
  • Virtual reality – one of the few Google Moonshot Projects that is likely to become a commercial success. There are several virtual reality headsets planned for release soon.
  • Project Soli – an ambitious project that ultimately would mean we can control our smart gadgets without actually touching them. The motion of the fingers is all that is required.
  • These are some of the known Google Moonshot Projects. It is likely there are some being shielded from the public view at the secret X lab.

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